Fun at the Swimming Holes in Lincoln, New Hampshire

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While New Hampshire being mostly land-locked (there are only 4 beaches open to the public), visitors usually think of the state as a good destination for wilderness getaways. Forests and mountains are not hard to find at all!

115022 AM-A drive around Lake Winnipesaukee

If you can’t make it to one of the four beaches, setting yourself up by water you can swim in is the next best thing, especially in the hot summer months. One of the destinations within New Hampshire, Lincoln, is the perfect destination that combines access to water with mountains and the surrounding forests.

In Lincoln, there are 5 swimming holes – these are deep waters within a river or stream that you can swim in. The water is very clean in New Hampshire and pure from the mountains!

You will have the choice of dipping into the swimming holes at White Mountain National Forest, Crystal Cascade, Georgiana Falls, Bastins Pool or Lady’s Bathtub. All are within several miles of each other, and if you get sick of the water, you have the rest of nature surrounding you.

When visiting Lincoln, you are in the heart of Loon Mountain of the White Mountains range. Loon Mountains offers many activities besides skiing in the wintertime. You can go hiking, biking, bird watching, and anything else you can think of! Finding accommodations in Lincoln is easy too. There are plenty that begin in the low $100’s per night that are centered on the lakes, forests, or mountains.

Have you been to Lincoln?

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