Islamorada – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Islamorada


Islamorada is well known as one of the Florida Keys. Located closer on the northern tip of the Keys, it is a favorite among those that enjoy boating, seafood, and being close to Key Largo. With tons to do, it is among the top 3 choices in the Florida Keys to choose from for travelers.

How Do I Get There?

Islamorada is two towns away from Key Largo from the North, right past Plantation Key. The easiest way to arrive to Islamorada is to drive from Miami. The trip is about 1 hour and 30 minutes long. If you are flying into Key West, it will be a longer drive – about 2- 2 1/2 hours long. It is scenic and you will experience the Seven Mile bridge if you come from the South!


If you have a boat or know how to operate one, you can rent a boat nearby and arrive that way.

What is There to Do?

In Islamorada, it is easy to stay be a beach bum or be entertained. Whether you go left or right off Highway US 1, there are marinas, tiki bars, and waterfront restaurants. Rent jet skiis, canoes, or boats for fun out in the ocean. Stay at a small inn or find yourself checking into a resort with your own private beach.

For an on shore adventure, head to Robbie’s for tarpon feeding! You line up on the dock with a bucket of fish as they grab it from your hand. Careful they bite.


Favorite restaurant by far – Lazy Days – try their conch fritters!

Climate and When to Come Visit

Florida is known to get super hot and humid in the summer. Having visited in June, it was perfect for multiple dips and spending time underwater without getting cold. The water is bath water! The Florida Keys only get hotter and hotter.

If you hate humidity, don’t visit during June-September. For cooler temps, come during January-April. Also you will miss the chance of hurricanes outside of the summer season.