Planning a Trip to Fiji

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Fiji is one of the most glorious and sought after paradise countries out there in the entire world. Located in the south Pacific Ocean, it may be isolated, but that is only one of the reasons it is such a treasure to get to!

Fiji Marine Conservation

My eyes have been on Fiji for a while and it might be some time until I get there, but the fun is looking into planning your trip. There is so much to read about so planning will take quite some time, but trust me, it’s all the fun in doing so.

Fiji boasts over 333 tropical islands! With choices from luxury hotels with over-water bungalows, to beach-side rental homes, all-inclusive resorts or budget hotels – Fiji has it all.  It may be known as a top “wedding” or “honeymoon” destination, but there are definitely options for family getaways with children and options for exploring the culture, adventure, the seas, spas, and more.

Where do you start when planning a trip to Fiji?

First, think of how to arrive onto the main island, which serves as a good starting point to cruise, ferry, or take a jet plane to a neighboring island. The island of Viti Levu, which holds the capital of Suva, is the easiest point to get to as many international airlines fly into there.

From there, if you choose to stay in accommodations off the mainland, they will provide you with connecting info on seaplanes, ferries, and pick-up.

How to Decide Where to Stay

View out to Likuliku bay

Your second question, in my opinion, would be to ask yourself where do you want to stay? In order to decide that, you must know what you’re looking for which is where finding helpful resources comes in handy. Look at TripAdvisor Reviews, read an array of comments on websites from past hotel guests, and go onto the hotel’s Facebook pages. I know many of you might have heard of Likuliku Resort being appraised in many “Top 10 Resorts” articles, but there are plenty more resort to choose from in Fiji!

Do you want secluded beaches to yourself? Do you want access to a major town on an island? Good snorkeling or wavy beaches? Access to historical venues and restaurants or islands where you eat fresh catch?

Here is a helpful article on things to do in Fiji by U.S. News which really helps you obtain a scope of where certain excursions and attractions lie within the islands of Fiji which goes into…

Top Things to Do in Fiji

Fiji is known for it’s beach activities most of all – the scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and swimming. The waters in Fiji are super clear and there is an abundance of marine life and coral reefs to see. The Rainbow Reef is by far one of the highly recommended!

Or you can experience the culture in Nadi, seeing crafts made by the Fiji people and see the sugar cane plantations. Flying over the Mamanuca Islands can be better than taking a helicopter over Hawaii some say – I sure want to try that!

Do you want to see people walk on fire? Head to Beca – Fiji people have some strong feet!

Fiji is one paradise that has endless possibilities for everyone.

When are you planning your trip to Fiji?

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  1. Alejandra says:

    Fiji looks stunning! I hope to go someday, but it’s so far away when living in the USA.

    1. Far but worth it. I believe you fly into LA early and leave for Fiji in the afternoon. Time turns back so you arrive the same day!

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