4 Reasons to Make Breckenridge a Summer Destination

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Breckenridge, Colorado is a well known destination for its skiing, winter sports, and mountain life. Unless you reside in this Colorado town year-round, you probably only think of visiting it during the winter. You would be surprised to learn how many activities are open to you during the summer time. Lower prices at hotels, higher temperatures, and the snow already melted away brings a whole other Breckenridge to life. Here are four reasons why you should make Breckenridge your next summer destination:

Hike Breckenridge

Image by “Dan Rose” via Trover

When you cannot ski, you can go hiking. There are multiple trails to choose from, whether you decide to go solo or with a guide. The mountains and trails grow with greenery and flowers each year providing for scenic routes. Reach beyond the tree line at Hoosier Pass Loop and get a view of the mountains lining Breckenridge. Find ruins at the Mohawk Lakes, and while you’re there, go for a swim! Remember to bring lots of water as it is easy to work up a sweat and afterwards, relax in your cozy accommodations.

Enjoy Water Activities Down the Blue River

All that clear, mountain water runs off into the stream and especially into Blue River, which extends for 65 miles. The Blue River is a great spot to try fly-fishing. If you prefer to stick with traditional fishing, there are many companies that offer such excursions for groups to join together. For more of an adrenaline rush, go whitewater rafting down the huge waves. The Blue River has its calm points too where you can go paddle boarding.

Enjoy the Fun Park

For a group adventure where everyone can choose an activity, head to the Breckenridge Fun Park. It is located at the base of Peak 8 of Breckenridge Ski Resort. In the summer months, the park has rides, tubing, ziplining, Jeep Tours, and more. If you are staying long-term, your children can be enrolled in their day camp. The park is open during the winter months if you already begin to think of a return trip. If the ski resort is full, staying at the Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center will leave you close.

Into the Woods

The trail network within Breckenridge grows throughout the summer. There are paths that never end and wind through the woods. It is a runner and hikers’ paradise! You can choose to stay in the woods, and find yourself camping or choose from these forest getaways.

If you never wanted to bike in a busy city, then the trails in Breckenridge are right for you. The town may have many visitors but it will never become crowded. There are more than 50 miles of land to bike on your own as well as the main roads. Choose from dirt roads where staying clean is not important or stick to trails that are maintained, such as the Middle Flume.

What are you most excited to do in Breckenridge this summer?

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