Where to Find the Water Parks of Disney in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

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Walt Disney World is ginormous, we all know that. From Epcot to Magic Kingdom to Downtown Disney, there are so many theme parks and attractions to see that sometimes I myself cannot keep up with! With summer full blown and most of us sitting around in air-conditiong (or sweating), it’s time we talked water parks.

Water parks can be the best escapes from the heat. Nothing beats being in the water for hours, being splashed, and dunking your head underwater. It is better than sitting in a fridge room for sure.

So let’s get to Florida, where Walt Disney World has its two main water parks. Scattered around the Orlando area, the water parks are both located in the neighborhood of Lake Buena Vista.

Head to the two Walt Disney  parks, and maybe only these two if a heat wave hits, and enjoy yourself:

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Florida Tour, August 2006

This water park has many slides along with unique attractions that Blizzard Beach does not have. If you love animals, head to Shark Reef where you can view tropical fish, sharks, and stingrays up close. If you love waves, the surf pool will provide those – up to 6 feet high! There are many waterfalls to raft down with a group and don’t forget to look out into the distance of this water paradise surrounding you. It may not be Bora Bora, but it can get close if you use your imagination!

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Florida Tour, August 2006

The Blizzard Beach Water Park used to be a ski resort. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself going down slushy slides. It’s a theme! This park has more thrilling and spiraling slides, along with Mount Gushmore that might just scare the life out of you. It is one of the tallest slides in the world.

While thrilling is theme, there are just as many spots to relax and take it slow. You can lazy around the beach area, tube in the slow waters of the creek, or watch others take the plunge on the rides.

Which Walt Disney Water Park would you prefer?

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