Galveston Island, Texas – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Galveston

Galveston Island is a barrier island in Texas located in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is a great escape for those who reside in Houston or the neighboring areas. The island was hit badly by Hurricane Ike in 2008 but it is recovering and still serves as an island retreat.

How Do I Get There?

Only 50 minutes away from Houston make it an easy road-trip. You will need a car to get to Galveston and rentals are inexpensive in the state as a whole.

houston beach

Galveston also is a port for cruise-ships so if you want to adventure elsewhere, book yourself a cabin and hop on.If you are headed towards the port, arrange for shuttle in advance.

What is There to Do?

Up and down Galveston Island, you will find many shore-front restaurants and bars. Do try the Creole dishes and feast on a bucket of crawfish.

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The waters are ok – they can be a bit murkey in this area of the Gulf of Mexico. Hit the waves, go for a surf, or bird watch. In the evening, take a sunset cruise or boat tour to party it up. The oceans here are full of watersport options.

Off the beach, head to Moody Gardens, where you can enjoy up close encounters with animals in three different pyramid settings!  I recommend it as the animals are so cute, especially these penguins!


Climate and When to Come Visit

Galveston enjoys a mild climate for most of the year with rising temperatures in the summer – May through September.

It is more prone to the possibility of hurricanes that time. One has not hit since 2008.