Traveling with Tinggly and Becoming Their Ambassador!

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I am so proud and excited to announce that I have become an official Ambassador for Tinggly!


If you have not heard of Tinggly yet, scroll down to read what it is all about. They are a newer company but I am sure you will be seeing more of them.

In short, you can have travel experiences around the world for one flat price and have 2 years to book your excursion!

I love this concept and the excursions you can pick from are not only adventurous, but unique in the variety that are offered. I completely support the concept behind Tinggly. It’s easy, it’s cool, and t’s such a brilliant way to

What is Tinggly?

Tinggly offers worldwide experiences into one gift box. There are over 350 experiences to choose from offered in more than 80 countries. These range from scuba diving, to cooking classes, motorbiking, cliff climbing and so much more. You can search by their collections or head over to their experiences map to view what is available and where.

Tinggly is a great gift-giving option for others, and hey, why not for yourself too?

How Does It Work?

Head to their website and purchase a Tinggly Gift Box. All gift boxes are the same price – $125. The gift box includes a voucher which is valid for every single excursion on the website, in every single location! No need to be picking through which is more or less expensive! Also, this does look nicer than giving someone a Visa Gift Card – especially if you know the individual enjoys traveling.

tinggly box

Whoever has the Tinggly gift box, has 2 years to use the voucher. That’s a long time to choose an excursion and new ones will be added frequently!

What Does This Mean For Me and For You?

As an Ambassador, I will be working with Tinggly to test their travel experiences, search for new experiences, and of course review them. Sharing my adventures through Tinggly with you all will be featured here!


There are many excursions I would love to try that already exist on – waterfall rappeling in Costa Rica, island hopping in Philippines, or an underwater scooter cruiser in Mauritius,

For Caribbean and other countries, such as Maldives, we hope to bring you more to the table soon!

Which Tinggly experience would you love to try?

This post is written in sponsorship by Tinggly. All opinions are my own and I can’t wait to try these awesome excursions!