Bringing the Entire Family to Bellaire, Michigan

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Michigan is a state in the midwestern section of the United States where forests, lakes, and romantic, cute towns fill the land. Skiing in the winter and beach fun at the lakes in the summer are some of the most popular activities for families to partake in. When it comes down to really finding what a family can all enjoy, only some towns can offer that. Bellaire, a village on the northwestern coast of Michigan, offers more than just the touristy choices. Yes, it is next to the Great Lakes, but within itself does it offer more variety than heading to the water and has some of the best family resorts yet. Your family will be comparing Bellaire to other destinations for days on end. Here is what Bellaire has to offer for the entire family.

Arts and Crafts Shows

Bellaire offers many arts and crafts events occurring often. You can always find something scheduled on the calendar in town. Artists gather here often and everyone begins to become family within Bellaire. Some of the arts and crafts shows have grown so well that they occur annually. The Annual Rubber Ducky Festival and Scarecrow Extravaganza have now been held for over 15 years where no age limit exists. For more of a museum experience, enter the Institute for Sustainable Living, Art, and Natural Design. Adults can partake in craft beers at the local Short’s Brewing Company and a stay at Stone Waters Inn Hotel will make it an easy walk home.

Continuous Fun at Torch Lake


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One of the best parts of Bellaire is that it is at Torch Lake, which leads to 75 more miles of bodies of water. Torch Lake, a natural attraction, is open year-round. Families can go out together on a boat, eat, swim, and go fishing. It is easy to keep the children entertained while the parents enjoy romantic moments. During the winters, go ice-skating together, hit the nearby slopes, or enjoy the snowy views surrounding you. Wintry nights on the lake call for a great game night and bonding.

Sports for All Ages

If you are looking for a place that will hold the best playground for both adults and children, stay at Shanty Creek Resorts – Summit Village. Pools are open year round and heated, so no matter the temperature, you can all jump in. For more competitive sports, which can also be family games, you can choose bocce ball, Jenga, jumbo dominoes, bean bag toss, checkers, and more. If you want to relax and keep it easy, options such as biking, golf, basketball, volleyball, and tennis are available. If you visit Bellaire in December, and your children are younger than 14, they will enjoy participating in the village’s Scavenger Hunt.

Within the village of Bellaire, families can all find something to enjoy. Bellaire has a sense of community and safety, so all you will have to think about is which activity do you want to do next.

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