Top Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas might be famous for its casino city reputation, but that does not mean there isn’t more to this destination. Once you walk out of your hotel, there is an entire desert to explore! Many who visit Las Vegas never get to discover the other side of this party city. The outdoors of Las Vegas is another world waiting for you to discover. Here are the top outdoor activities in Las Vegas that you should definitely try on your next trip.

ATV Tours in the Desert

Take the money off that gambling table and spend it on an ATV for the day instead. Head to the Mojave Desert in northeastern Las Vegas, where it spans for miles. It is the same desert that reaches Death Valley. When you rent an ATV, you will be able to choose from guided or self guided tours among the sandy hills and mountains. Getting lost in the desert has never been so fun. Afterwards, cleanse in the spa at Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa.

Sky Jump from the Stratosphere

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If you want to stay close to the action on Las Vegas Boulevard (the “Strip”), head to the Stratosphere Hotel – Resort & Casino Hotel. From the top, which is 829 feet by the way, you can experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. Dive off the edge of the platform or if you change your mind last-minute, you can always enjoy the aerial view from the observation deck.

Zip Line Down Fremont Street

Las Vegas Boulevard. has it almost all except for Fremont Street, the second most famous street in the city. Here, partake in the Slotzilla zip line where you can choose from two options — the lower and upper zip line. It gets even more adventurous being able to choose how you want to “zip.” Going “Superhero style” is a favorite among many. If you like to spend more on the outdoor experiences, be sure to check into the El Cortez Hotel and Casino two blocks down where rooms start at $29 per night.

Race Exotic Cars

If you have thought about riding in the car of your dreams, what better place to do so than in Las Vegas? You can choose to ride in an exotic model such as a Lamborghini or Aston Martin at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Opt for a solo ride, or go with a professional driver if you want more thrills while sitting back into those leather seats. Drag racing is another option at the speedway if you want to keep going all day. If that is still not enough, check out the Auto Collection at the Linq Hotel and Casino. Not only is it an exotic car museum, but you can also buy certain models!

The amount of outdoor activities in Las Vegas are endless and there are so many more to choose from. On your next Las Vegas trip, be sure to try something new.

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