Finding the Closest Beach from Tokyo, Japan at Kamakura

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Japan is a vast island in Asia. So large that it actually splits into separate parts of land and has 6,852 islands.

When one plans a trip to Japan, very often the first stop is Tokyo. From there on, the travels usually continue to Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Okinawa and more.

For you beach lovers, such as myself, one of the things you might be thinking of includes visiting a nearby beach. Majority of the tropical beaches are south west, hours from Tokyo. So what does one do when staying in Tokyo?
I tried to search this for myself and could not find much. Tokyo has more rivers than it does beaches bit I did find the answer – Kamakura!

Only one hour away by train from the central of Tokyo, Kamakura is a beach neighborhood where you can visit not one, but two beaches that stretch for miles!
Besides that, the town has a lot for seeing and doing besides getting sandy. Read on to find out more below.

How Do I Get to Kamakura?

Get to either Tokyo Metro station at M17 or the Shimbashi station. From Shimbashi, transfer to the JR line for Shonan. In my opinion, the Shimbashi station is much less confusing to navigate and less human traffic. When buying a ticket, Kamakura will be stop 800 on the ticket machine.
The train takes just under an hour! It is above ground so you can sight see more of Japan on the way.

At Kamakura, step off the train and walk south. That will be the sane direction the train was headed. One road leads you to shore.
At both beaches, there are bars and restaurants that line the grounds. If the surf is good, head in to take on the waves. On a clear day (it has to be super clear), you can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

Remember – no tattoos can be visible! There are signs as reminders. This is a very serious aspect for the people of Japan so do follow and respect it.

Enjoy Kamakura!

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