Beaches Closest to Tokyo, Japan

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Finding a beach near downtown Tokyo may not be the easiest thing you “Google” nowadays. Many beaches are far, and require at least a few hours by train.

I’m here to share that you certainly CAN find beaches near Tokyo! These are all only about 1 hour away by train (or less) and they are filled with fun, bars, and amazing ocean views.

One of the best beaches with a vast beach town is Kamakura. Take the JR Shonan-Shinjuku line from Tokyo-Metro. Once you arrive in Kamakura, just follow the road south and you will find the beach, which is actually two beaches! On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji. You will have your choice of restaurants and bars. Visit the town where businesses and the markets stay open long along with the nearby temples for sightseeing.


Zushi Beach in Sunday Morning.

Photo via Flickr

Only one stop further on the same train you take to Kamakura, you will find Zushi Beach. Explore the streets of this mini-city the beach, and the marina. It is similar to Kamakura, but is a lot less crowded. There are temples nearby in the hills. Bring your walking shoes – they are a bit of a hike!


葉山一色海岸 Hayama Isshiki Beach

Photo via Flickr

Take a bus 20 minutes from Zushi to Isshiki Beach. It has an even more picturesque scenery which include rock formations and greenery. Dogs are allowed at this beach!

Which Tokyo beach have you been to?