How to Spend a Long Layover in Doha, Qatar

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Traveling through Doha , Qatar is quite the adventure. You most likely will be flying Qatar Airways, the country’s main airline carrier, which has been ranked #3 Best Airline this past year!

Qatar Airways flies to many destinations, especially in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
Depending on your final destination, you may have a short or long layover. If you are having a connection of 8 hours or more, you can sign up for a free tour of Qatar during your layover. Go to the Doha City Tour Staff desk when you arrive. Admission is not guaranteed and is subject to approval. It is stated you must arrive in the airport between 4am and 5pm also. For more information, click here and double check the information. also be sure to check you Visa requirements per your country. If you do go on the tour, you will be able to see parts of the city, museums, and mosques. It sounds quite worth it!

If you have anything longer than 12 hours, consider booking a hotel in the city or at the airport. That will leave you more comfortable with being able to take a nap or explore and drop your baggage off into your room rather than a locker.

One popular route for having a 6-7 hour layover is continuing onto Male, Maldives from Doha. The length of hours might scare you away, or just remain annoying since you cannot leave the airport.

In that case, Hammad International Airport can keep you entertained. The terminal has been updated in the past few years and its modern looks are noticeable.

Spend time exploring each corner and gate areas. You will find the main Duty Free shopping area and stores all around. Restaurants and bars are not as many, but you can find about 3 sit down restaurants and the food court for more casual, budget dining.

The best part of the airport is viewing the recent architecture that has been added. The big teddy bear is my favorite.
Every few gates, you will find something new and even constructed playgrounds for children to play in.
Contests are held as well throughout the day and night. Enter to win a car or other items. I and the husband signed up to try to win this Bentley!


There is free WIFI in the airport and smoking rooms for those who can’t leave the terminal.

All in all, I had a great experience and am laying over in Doha twice more this month!