Visiting the Paradise of Maldives is for Everybody

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If you have not heard of Maldives, now is the time to learn of this paradise and book your trip before the gorgeous country goes underwater. (Sadly, this will happen.)
The paradise of Maldives has been around for many years, yet not everyone is aware of its existence, location, or beauty. Maldives is an island country located south of India and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. Made up of thousands of islands and 26 main atolls, its clear waters and blue lagoons stretch for miles and miles.

Unlike any other island country, Maldives is special. The main capital of Malé holds most of the country’s population – at about 150,000 Maldivians. Malé looks like a mini-Manhattan from above. It is also where most visitors enter the country via airplane at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Staying in the capital island is one adventure, and traveling onward to other islands is a whole other experience.


Visiting Maldives is for everyone. It may sound like (just) a paradise for those who love the ocean, but it is much more than that. It has been to known to be a hot spot for honeymooners lately, and it is, but more so families are beginning to spend their holidays here as well. If you know of French Polynesia, Tahiti, and Thailand – then you will want to learn about Maldives and set this on your “To-Visit List”.

Like I mentioned before, Maldives will sadly not be around forever. The lands are set at very low sea-level and as the oceans keep rising, Maldives will eventually sink. I have heard different approximations from 7-10 years to 30 years via National Geographic and locals. People of 11 islands have already been relocated.

I am so happy to have visited Maldives and would love to return again. The love I have for this island country surpassed me after my visit. Maldivian hospitality and the people are one of a kind. Maldives is one of a kind. No where else can you find such a country that is laid out in the same manner in the ocean or that faces the same fate. Honeymooner, solo, family, and every kind of traveler can and should visit.
Here is why Maldives is for everyone:

Islands for Everyone

With 26 atolls, there are islands all around the Indian Ocean. You can choose to stay in Malé, which is centered. For more of a beach feel, choose from islands north or south of the capital. You can pick from islands that are accessible by speedboat or seaplane. Choose between a 20 minute ride or a 55 minute flight. Pick two resorts to split up your stay and see more of the island country. Not all islands are the same either…read on to find out more on how you can pick what fits your needs and desires!

City and Beach Life
Whether you love or don’t love the beach, you can choose to stay in the capital island of Malé for the city life. Travelers have come to settle down or work in Maldives and the capital is a great place to start. Begin your life there and live in a busy city. You can always escape to relaxing islands in your off time. Skyscrapers? Check. Businesses? Check. Tons of people? Check. You can find anything you like in Malé from museums, to restaurants, history, architecture, hotels, sports, etc.

When you want the beach life, you can find a few beaches on Malé or choose to travel to another island out in the ocean.

Over 80 Resorts to Choose From
Everyone can find a resort for themselves. Nowhere are resorts “too packed”. You might enter an island with a few individuals and not even bump into them during your stay. Pick from islands that have a couple hundred rooms or ones that have less than 50. Choose from islands that offer the jungle life, surfing, scuba diving, or that have access to local villages. You can pick from the most luxurious accommodations (such as the Conrad) to those that are fairly priced with All-Inclusive Plans (such as the beloved Meeru I stayed at) to bed and breakfasts. Some are catered to only adults while others are open to families and make sure that children have loads of activities to enjoy as well. Bonding is a definite and so is having fun.

Activities for Everyone
No matter whether you arrive solo or with others, you can participate in almost anything and everything. The activities and excursions list runs forever. Maldives has some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in their lagoons and reefs ever. Explore them out on a boat or outside your beach/water villa. Fishing, boating, surfing, and windsurfing are only some water activities out there. Most islands have pools and different themed nights for celebrations and parties. Speak with others to find out what’s going on. Watch a movie on the beach, sign up for a cultural night, do some arts and crafts, get a massage, and watch the stars at night. If you’re going for the more romantic feel, schedule private getaways to secluded beaches all to yourselves.

Also, be sure to find out which other islands are located near you for visiting and island hopping.

Your Budget is There
Think Maldives is expensive? It certainly is not known to have a reputation for an “inexpensive” getaway, but you can find the price you are looking for. Maldives is not entirely 5 star resorts with soaring prices of $700 per night. Although you can find those type of accommodations, and the most “Lux” of the luxurious, you can find resorts that will meet your budget. Some resorts offer prices as low as in the 300’s for a Beach Villa – this is one right on the beach. You can find water villas (bungalows on stilts over the ocean) in the high 300’s (U.S.) per night for two people. Garden view rooms are even less. Add on an All-Inclusive Plan for an average of $100-180 per person per day. P.S. – It is worth it as paying out of pocket for meals and drinks will cost you more! Bed and breakfasts can be booked for under $100 per night.



If you do want to spend separately on beverages and food, drinks may run you $7-10 per beverage. Sandwiches go for $5-$10. Bigger meals or entrees can go for $30-50 depending on your choice.

Visit from Anywhere and Everywhere
You can fly into Maldives from any part of the world usually connecting via Dubai, Doha, or Sri Lanka on a major airline. Reading and researching islands in Maldives is all the fun too in planning your trip. Many resorts are on TripAdvisor, Expedia, and other booking sites but check the official resort sites first. They offer special rates and packages that are not available elsewhere. Depending on which resort, you might be able to obtain free speedboat transfers, free excursions, free nights, and free champagne!

The reality of being in Maldives is better than all the photos and websites you view. Once you arrive, you will never forget or lose that image of Maldives in your mind.

This post is part of the #VisitMaldives campaign where I was sponsored at Meeru Island Resort & Spa by the Maldives Tourism Board. As it was my honeymoon, I was coming to Maldives already and the timing to work with this country happened to be perfect! All opinions are my own and I would go back in a heartbeat.


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