Finding Paradise at Meeru Island Resort & Spa in Maldives

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When it came to choosing a resort for my Maldives honeymoon, it was not as easy as I imagined! Maldives is a white sanded, island country made up of different atolls and over 80 resort islands. How is one supposed to choose? I knew that over the course of time of searching, watching endless YouTube videos, and comparing how big versus how small some islands were, I would make my choice.

Which island resort did I choose?

Meeru Island Resort & Spa was the winner!

Thinking back, Meeru was one of the first resorts I came across in my Maldives search back in March. I kept coming back to the website and comparing it with many others. There are specific reasons as to why I chose this resort and why it was the right paradise for me. For one, it had the luxurious water villas at a great price! Meeru can be the right fit for many types of travelers and individuals. Remember that not all islands and resorts in Maldives are the same. They come in different shapes, sizes, and offer different lifestyles.

Experiencing the Paradise at Meeru, Meerufenfushi

Meeru Island Resort & Spa is located on the island of Meerufenfushi, in North Male’ Atoll of Maldives.  It is actually the third largest resort island! Knowing that alone, I knew there would not be a shortage of things to do and I was right. After a 55 minute speedboat ride from the airport to the island, the fun begins!

Beach & Jungle


One of the best parts of any Maldives island are the white sand beaches. What most islands don’t have is a vast jungle within! Beach and sand covers the 1.5 miles of shoreline at Meeru but the jungle is  a whole other world where additional fun takes place. Walk through the jungle to get around, to your villa, or to all the activities available on the island. It is completely safe and there are cute lanterns lighting the pathways at night. Try to take a peak inside to find the creatures that make cute noises.

Villas and Fair Prices


At Meeru, there are more villas to choose from than any other resort with 286 total! Beach villas line the island all around. There are a few garden view rooms (20) for those travelers that want to save as much as possible on the room rate. There are 106 water villas so even if you are mid-trip, there very likely is room for you to upgrade to one of those. Some of the new friends I made at Meeru did just that.
Whichever villa you pick, the rates are so fair you might as well upgrade right away!

Depending on the month and time of year, check the website for range of rates per room. You can find beach villas for as low as $300 per night. These are right on the beach.

You can find water villas (what I stayed in) for as low as $390 per night.
The best part is that they are designed in such a way that you do not see into other guests’ villas. It is private and so are the decks. Having neighbors next to me, I could not hear them at all! The villas are spacious inside and out. Feel free to choose whether you want a jacuzzi also! All rooms come with high end furnishings, condiments, a spacious bathroom with double vanity, and the view of a lifetime!


For ultimate intimacy, book the honeymoon suite out in the ocean. There are two on Meeru Island, or shall I say, off the island? You will have someone available to get you on your personal boat at all times.  Being a social person, I ended up hanging out with the honeymooners in their suite. We spent a great afternoon poppin’ champagne on their deck and still keep in touch!

Add on the All-Inclusive Plus Plan


When traveling to Maldives, choosing an All-Inclusive plan is a smart idea unless you have no budget. You can compare prices with other resorts first off to see what a better deal it is. If you’re not much of a drinker and would prefer to purchase meals individually, you can do so. At Meeru, drinks go for about $10 and meals can range from $30-$50 if you are not on the AL Plan. Depending on your room, the All-Inclusive Plus Plan might only be $50 more per person per day which makes much more sense! Rates are shown once you input your dates into the search engine and options are given with the room type.

What you get with the All-Inclusive Plan at Meeru includes unlimited meals and drinks, mini bar items in the room (except for liquor bottles and snacks), a 1/2 bottle of champagne, a sunset cruise, a snorkeling lesson, windsurfing lesson, and a 1/2 group gold driving range lesson. You have access to all the fitness facilities as well as kayaking. The only center not included is the Pitch and Putt golf range.

6 Bars, 6 Restaurants, and Local Food

When I go on vacation, I do not want to be tied down to only 1, or 2, or 3 restaurants. I need more than that. There are 6 bars and restaurants on the island of Meeru so not only can you pick where you want to eat, but you can have something different every day! Even the buffet menu changes daily. How great is that? I love having new foods to try.

One thing I had read in my research is that it is hard to find a resort that offers local food in deserted islands as a whole. There was no shortage at Meeru. There was plenty of local food everywhere and tasting it was all the more fun! I love knowing and tasting what the locals eat and different spins on rice and noodles. The meats, curries, fruit, rice, and fish were so yummy. Have you ever had fruit dumplings for breakfast? If you love dumplings, they make them different everyday.

Marine Life & Lagoon


Meeru is surrounded by a gorgeous lagoon. It’s true – you can see black tip sharks, manta rays, fish, and more right off the shore! If you stay in the water villa like I did, they come right by your stairs and underneath the stilts. Make sure you bring your snorkel so you can witness all the sealife underwater. On the north shore and east side of Meeru, there are many coral reefs in shallow water to explore. Check out the area under the over water spa also.


For scuba diving, go with Euro Divers which is located right on site. Since the lagoon is so vast. you need to take a boat out to go diving. That’s even more fun! Some dive sites are only 20 minutes away. If you go further, you get to pass by other neighboring islands so it’s a free tour of the area at the same time.

The diving was the best I had ever experienced. I saw sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles on every single dive! The amount of coral, fish, and dropping cliffs were stunning. It was better than the Great Barrier Reef.

A plus – Euro Divers brings your gear down and up from the boat for you. They rinse it for you too and have a big “wet room” for it all to dry in.

Endless Excursions & Activities


At Meeru, you cannot run out of things to do. There is always some kind of event going on at the bars – cultural night, dancing, 80’s, glow parties, and beachfront parties. Kayaks and windsurfers are up for renting.  There are two spas to enjoy as well as golfing, tennis courts, volleyball, bicycling, football, badminton petanque, and chess.


If you want to get off the island, take boat rides to nearby islands. You can visit the local island right next door and see how locals live (the current is too strong to be able to swim to it therefore it’s a short 15 minute boat ride). There are up to 4 additional islands that Meeru is located close enough to take you to for village or beach life. You can also go back to the capital city of Malé for a day. Cruise day or evening to see the sunset. Go fishing and bring back your fresh catch to cook!

I could not have had a better time in Maldives. There was so much to do and sipping champagne while watching the sunset on the deck of my water villa never got old. Waking up for sunrise happened the first night and that was worth staying up for! At 4:30am, you can see stars beyond the horizon. Then the red sun comes up. All the staff at Meeru Island Resort & Spa were all attentive and kind. Did I say how much I love the Maldivian accent?

I cannot express how much fun it was and how fast it went! Maldives is #1 in my books.

I thank Meeru Island Resort & Spa and Maldives Tourism Board for sponsoring my stay and for making my Maldives trip better than ever. For the many staff who did not know who I specifically was, I still experienced the best service ever. All opinions are my own. Feel free to ask me more about Meeru and Maldives!

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