Experiencing the Desert Paradise in Dubai with Tinggly

I’ve been to a few deserts in my years but nothing is like the desert in Dubai. It does not have Joshua trees like Arizona or cactii like Nevada, but Dubai has sand dunes and camels! This desert paradise is one of a kind.

The best excursion you can do while visiting in Dubai is a jeep tour out into the sand dunes…accompanied by many other things! As a brand ambassador for Tinggly, I got this deal for two and so can you for only $119 total.

On the tour, you will experience the desert side of Dubai. While I love the beach side, it’s nice to see something different and escape into a golden sand oasis.

First, you will be picked up by a white jeep and meet other 20 white jeeps. Don’t think the excursion is just for you two or 5 people, it’s a whole party of travelers!
You spend about 45 minutes to an hour going up and down the dunes. It’s awesome! Even if you don’t like the up and down movement, there are sick bags just in case. It really was not bad but exhilirating! Many times the jeeps go in pairs down the hill and make stops so you can look outside. Stops are made for pictures before you arrive and at the village.

That’s right..there is an entire village setup in the desert! Lush pillows, rugs and rend tables are set up for everyone. There is a stage as well as other shops for henna, hookah, tattooes, and food.


But let’s not move there yet, get on the camel beforehand! They are so cute. I love camels. You get to take a nice ride on top of one and I did not see any of them spit, although I know they do. Ride the camel!

You will have two dances performed which go on for a very long time. One is a traditional dance and the other is belly dancing. Both are entertaining! I could never dance like that or learn. It’s so hard and you can tell once you see what the dance moves are.

Local Arabian food is freshly made and prepared along with refreshments. Alcohol is available but extra ( this is the UAE where alcohol and public drinking is illegal unless at a hotel or special events). Have your pick of meats, kabob, fish, rice and food. I didn’t even know what all the food exactly was but it was delish!

The staff running the tour are longer friendly, accommodating, and made me feel safe. You also get picked up at your hotel and dropped off as part of the tour.

The one complaint I would say is that they drive fast, over the speed limit on the highways. You don’t feel it but I like to watch my drivers. I felt safe but if an accident happened, speed would either be the cause or be the cause of worse damage. Sometimes I did not see a speed linit posted so it might be a UAE thing? I did not drive around enouf5h to knw5o for sure. Safety first !

The entire tour lasts about 6 hours, which is a great use of time and for the price..I’ve gone on tours of 1 hour and paid more!

The desert in Dubai was beautiful and so are the sunsets. Make sure you don’t miss this desert oasis when you visit.

This post was written in sponsorship with Tinggly. As their brand ambassador, I receive complimentary excursions for which I tell my experiences and opinions. All are truthful and my own.