Why Maldives is Special for Honeymooners

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Out of all the destinations in the world, Maldives is the best for those of you planning your honeymoon.

Compared to many other tropical destinations, it has its one of a kind features that no other place can offer. If you’re thinking of Greece, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii or elsewhere, stop for a minute and consider Maldives.

I did not always know where I wanted to go on my honeymoon. Once I learned of Maldives, that was it and I made it happen! Nothing could replace Maldives or my honeymoon there.

Here are 5 reasons why Maldives is perfect for honeymooners:

  1. Maldives Layout


Even though you may have traveled to many islands beforehand, you will never see anything like Maldives from the air, land, or below. Maldives is the only destination made up of 26 atolls, all of which are at the lowest sea level ever. Most are surrounded by blue lagoons and have a sparkling color surrounding the sand. Take the seaplane ride or make sure you look out the window when taking off and landing on your flights.

2. Existent For Now but not Forever


Maldives will not be around forever, so why not visit the island country now before it disappears? The amount of years is not set into stone, and weather can always change that. Other destinations will be (or shall I say, should be) around forever. Maldives, unfortunately as beautiful as it is, is a gem in the Indian Ocean that our children might not even live to see.

3. Intimacy & Water Villas


If you are looking for an intimate getaway, you have over 80 resorts to choose from. Many offer honeymoon suites out in the ocean or islands that have less than 30 villas total. You can get as intimate as you like. Even in a water villa, you can have neighbors and have no idea what’s going on with them! Not every destination offers water villas or if they do – they are not the same as those in Maldives!

4. Sharks Everywhere!


If you love sharks, you will see them everywhere! They are cute black or grey tips that swim up to shore or around your villa. When you go scuba diving, you are almost certain to see them on every dive. I did and I hung around watching them underwater amazed at how they travel in packs. Also, the scuba diving exceeds the Great Barrier Reef and other “top” spots. The marine life and coral reefs are the best.

5. Experience Maldivian Hospitality



I’m sure almost all of you read reviews about how “good” or “bad” a place was. I cannot speak for all the resorts in Maldives, but I can speak for the people. They are their own people, their own culture, their own way. They are the friendliest people and most comforting I have ever met. If you don’t like something, tell them and they will come back to you trying to fix it in the friendliest of all voices. Their accents are so nice too! If you can’t get everything you want materialistically, I can guarantee you will get the best service there and have loads of fun with the resort staff. They know how to party too!

Will you go to Maldives?

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