What It’s Really Like to Stay in an Overwater Bungalow

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Have you ever wanted to stay in an overwater bungalow before? You probably have and also wondered what it would be like. If you have heard the term “water villa”, it means the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

The pictures always present such a luxurious setting, with a hot tub nearby and usually there are stairs into the ocean too. This all sounds so glamorous and it is!

Before I stayed in an overwater bungalow, I read mixed reviews. Some individuals stated they wanted more privacy while others were happy with how the villas were constructed. Not all overwater bungalows are the same and they have their differences. A bungalow in Maldives is not the same as one in Tahiti, nor is the scenery.

Come for your honeymoon, couples retreat, or solo – overwater bungalows are for everyone!

Here is what it’s really like to stay in an overwater bungalow:

  1. You Feel Like You Have Your Own Home


The great part of a bungalow is that it feels like your own little place. You might have a shared living room area within your bedroom, and there is always some sort of kitchen area too. Whatever it is, it’s bigger than a hotel room for 2. The closet space is bigger, the bathroom is larger, and you love that it’s all yours during your stay!

2. The Outdoor Space is Prime

At your overwater bungalow, you will have either a deck, patio, or some kind of outdoor area. No small balconies! You can tan, lay out, eat outdoors, and even have room to play “Twister”. No overwater bungalow comes without an outdoor area, it would suck! If you have a hot tub outdoors, all the better!

3. It Feels Like You Have Your Own Private Ocean

The ocean around your bungalow/villa is “yours”. You jump in it and look at it everyday and dare you not go under anyone else’s bungalow! It is not a stated thing but unless you know for sure that no one is staying next door, keep to the area around your villa and respect others. You don’t want to find strangers swimming under your stilts or do the same. If you have some sand or sand bays nearby, that’s up for grabs. The sharks and nearby fish can be your fake “pets” too for the time being! Feed them at night for more to come out.

4. Walking Around Naked Can be Tricky

This is where I found the most amount of mixed reviews with overwater bungalows. Where are the windows? Which way do they face? Will anyone see me if I am naked?

You most certainly can do whatever you like in a villa with almost no one seeing you. But first, do check if your window looks out to the dock or anywhere else. Most villas are slanted in their design off the dock as to help with privacy. Even the walls or siding can prevent you from seeing your neighbors. I honestly could not see or even hear mine when I went to Meeru. If you know there’s an area where there’s even a smidge of seeing you naked, keep the blinds closed or down.

5. You Consider Redesigning Your Home
Overwater bungalows have a heavenly feel to them and the designs are epic. Once you stay in one, you will take back some tips on something you would like to change in your own home. Maybe add in a bamboo tree or switch up some decor? The furnishings, artwork, and amenities within your bungalow are one of a kind and they are very inspirational.

6.  The Mini Bar Has Never Been so Good
If you stay in an overwater bungalow, check which mini bar items are included. Usually there are a few choices and others you need to purchase when re-stocking but wow, having free mini bar items never felt so good! Not waiting to order a drink and not having to go to the bar makes the overwater bungalow that much better.

Tip – Leave for the champagne for sunset and take some beers into the hot tub!

Have you stayed in an overwater bungalow? What did you enjoy/not enjoy?