Best Seaside Attractions in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is one of the world’s’ best known cities. With a population of over 7 million and the world’s tallest skyline, the city has much to offer for a unique Asian experience. If you were not aware, Hong Kong is made up of a small group of islands. There are beaches, mountains, and a natural harbour that attracts many visitors outside of the city streets. When visiting Hong Kong, make sure you don’t forget about these remarkable seaside attractions.

1. Victoria Harbour


Image via Flickr by Robert Lowe

The best attraction to begin your seaside adventure within Hong Kong is Victoria Harbour. This is a must-do as you can take in the breathtaking scenery of Hong Kongs’ skyline from the bay. You can view two of the tallest towers of Hong Kong. A great addition to your day is ride the Star Ferry which takes you around the bay area. Enjoy shopping at the Harbour City Mall nearby and stop by the local public parks which are all free.

2. The Avenue of Stars


Image via Flickr by Loren Javier

Also located at Victoria Harbour, you will find the Avenue of Stars. It is a promenade similar to that of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame where you can view handprints and signatures of famous Chinese actors and leaders within the film industry. Don’t miss the sculptures lining the sidewalk  and catch the Symphony of Lights, a light and laser show that occurs every evening at 8pm.

3. Lantau Island


Image via Flickr by edwin.11

Take a half hour cable car ride to Lantau Island. The ride itself takes you above the river and mountains for camera-worthy shots. The island is mostly known for being the home of the Giant Buddha, which you will find past Non Ping village. While enjoying the local island culture, make sure to also stop by the old fishing village called Tai-O. Try some fresh catch and as you eat, you might catch sights of the pink dolphins that swim within this area.

4. Tsing Ma Bridge


Image via Flickr by chanlone

To enjoy more aerial views of Hong Kong and its waterfront, visit the Tsing Ma Bridge. It is the seventh longest suspension bridge in the entire world. It connects the two islands of Tsing Yi and Ma Wan. Whether you take a car or rail ride over it, you can make two destinations out of your trip. For views of the bridge from the ground, head to the Lantau Link View Point and the Visitors Centre.

5. Ocean Park


Image via Flickr by Martin Lewison

Find thrills, games, rides, and more at the Ocean Park located right next to Deep Water Bay. Experience shows at the Waterfront Plaza and hear the story behind endangered bamboo forest animals. Aqua City is the marine themed area where you can learn about 400 species. At the Whiskers Harbor Area, you can enjoy even more shows and games suitable for younger children if you are visiting as a family.

Whichever part of the waterfront in Hong Kong you visit, you will be obtaining a view of so much more. Hong Kong is not only a city, but an oasis on the water at the same time.

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  1. I know right – no one thinks of Hong Kong or China in general having good beaches. Oo I got to look into Lamma Island that sounds nice all on its own!

  2. I love Hong Kong 🙂 I’m going back in December with my friends and I can’t wait to spend some more time in the city and it’s beautiful countryside. Everyone thinks it’s a bit weird that I love HK but when I tell them it’s around 80% national park and that there’s some gorgeous beaches, they just don’t believe me. I’d add Lamma Island onto this list. That place is pretty cool 🙂

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