25 Travelers Share Their Tips On Traveling to Paradise

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Many people wander – How is it that others travel so much? There have been many articles exposing our “secrets” and “not-so-secrets”. Many of us have come forward sharing how we saved up money and left on our journeys, how we continue to work a full time job and travel, or how we take a long break and go off for several months at a time.

There are thousands of “How To” tips and stories. Endless amounts of information exist to help us learn and keep us entertained.


Well, when it comes to traveling, I specialize in the beach destinations. Therefore, I have been asked by many how I afford to travel to these tropical spots so often and what tips I may have. I have shared some of my  “budget travel” tips here in this blog as well as my adventures that come with the price tag they come with.

I am here to show you all that it is not just me that can do so. Everyone can afford to travel to paradise – cha-ching! That is also the name of my new book coming out soon in print. Watch out for the major announcement coming soon that will reveal even more about how to get yourself to these jaw dropping destinations and not break your wallet.

For the time being, I have compiled quotes and tips from 25 travelers who also travel to “paradise”. They include not only travel professionals, but locals as well who enjoy the lifestyle and want to share their tips with you.

Here are 25 travelers featured and how they travel to paradise:

  1. “Exchange your currency beforehand or if you forget, go to the local store/mall. to do so. Unless you absolutely need cash at the airport, avoid the money exchange counters there as the rates are not that good.” – Nicole, Local

2. “Bring zip lock bags to store your items in. It will help your cell from not getting sandy as well as other items”, – Adam, Local

3. “It may make me look like a child, but I still purchase and bring swim shoes. Sometimes the beach can be rocky and you won’t be able to tell until you get in and are wishing for shoes. It also helps prevent your feet from getting random cuts from shells ” – Catherine, Local

4. “Bring extra socks to warm your wet feet after the sun goes down. Staying cozy at the beach is better when you don’t have cold feet.” – Mike, Local

5. “If you are prone to sunburn on your shoulders, wear thicker straps. The material will do you more good than SPF alone.” – Marta, Local


6. “Renting a car can be cheaper than taking a cab even twice on an island. Look into rates or know how much a cab should be before you get into one.” – John, Local

7. “Bring spray for your sunglasses and glasses. If they’re dirty, you will want a clean wipe as well or clean towels in your bag so you can see clearly. Sandy glasses get annoying and in the way.” – Anna, Local

8. “Bring an extra pair of contacts if you wear them. Safe for your eyes if yours get ripped and better to be safe than sorry if you lose them in the ocean. You will not want to miss the beautiful surroundings around you.” – Charley, Local

9. “Carry nail polish with you to redo your coat if the salt water takes it off. No need for full-on manis or pedis in a beach but a touch up will bring you back to perfection.” – Ade, Local

10. “Baby powder is really good too for chafing if you/re hiking a lot, or are like me and spend time at the beach and then walk around with a wet suit on.” – Brandon Kinney, Local

11. “Always bring baby wipes! You’ll never know when you’ll need them and it’s essential to stay fresh!” – Caroline Rodriguez, Local 

12. “Embrace the minimal lifestyle and pack just a few essential items you can’t live without. You can easily overpack for the beach and carrying a heavy bag won’t be fun”. – Inma Gregorio, Travel Blogger at A Word to Travel

13. “ If you’ve taken a ferry to said island paradise, DO NOT leave the day of your flight. Weather conditions can change ferry schedules making you miss your ferry, which could make you miss your flight home. It’s a great way to stay a little longer in paradise, but most airlines do not care if you missed your ferry or not. “ –  Kari Redmond, Travel Blogger at Words and Other Such Things

14. “Visiting the Gold Coast? Forget about touristy Surfers Paradise; the real paradise is at Burleigh Heads – one of the best beaches in Australia. Whether you like to surf, swim, sunbathe or just people-watch…. the beautiful Burleigh beach is a great spot to immerse yourself in the Aussie beach lifestyle. “ – Radhika Basuthakur, Travel Blogger at Fulltime Nomad

15. “Everyone knows to pack sunscreen, but what they forget is to pack bug spray as well! Nothing ruins your paradise experience more than red, itchy bites – so apply generously. If the bugs still bite, try rubbing them with basil leaves – basil is easy to find all over the world.” – Christianna, Travel Blogger at Expecto Adventures.

16. “Even in paradise you can have an adventure. Leave the jeeps behind and go on a walking safari! There is nothing like creeping up to a herd of elephants, crouching down behind a convenient termite mound and spotting a little baby wander out from under its mothers legs all whilst holding your breath” – Alex Smith, Travel Blogger at Gin and Giraffes

17. “Take sunscreen and aloe with you if you check a bag. You wouldn’t believe the price locals charge desperately burnt foreigners.” – Madison Lark Meyer, Travel Blogger at Gap Year Girl.

18. “If you use the pool a lot, it’s good to use “Swim Spray” to remove the Chlorine odor and the irritation from the hair and skin. It works wonders and it’s natural (made with Vitamin C.) ” – Olga Maria Czarkowski, Travel & Fashion Blogger at Dreams in Heels

19. “Guys and Girls, take a sarong to the beach, Its the most versatile thing you should have in your backpack and takes up hardly any space. Lie on it, wear it, dry yourself with it, cover up with it, you can even tie it up and make a bag from it. I’ve often gone to the beach wearing a sarong as a cover up over my bikini, it’s enough so you feel decent if you head to a cafe for lunch, or a bar for an evening cocktail!” – Gemmie  at Gemmie Jane Adventures

20. “If you’re not travelling with a package company make sure you do your research about transfers. Firstly do they have a good safety rating? Secondly, what price should you expect to pay? In places like Fiji and the Gili Islands, Indonesia it’s important to think about the planning so you can relax when you get there with cocktail in hand and no worries! ” – Beannie Catriona Watson, Travel Writer at Blog of Beanie

21. “ It’s so tempting to just relax on the beaches, but take advantage of Aruba’s unique activities! Arikok has an entirely different feel from Eagle Beach, and the UTV’s and riding horseback through desert sands to Conchi are simply magical. For dinner, Papiamento served one of the most romantic meals of my life!”- Christina Leigh Morgan, Travel Blogger at Currently Exploring  

22. “I was still trying to use disposable underwater cameras at the beach but then I realized – this is 2015! Now, I’m using a smartphone waterproof case and it’s great for keeping water and sand off my precious phone. I made sure to back up my phone first just in case and I got a float and tether for it so it’s easy keep a hold of in the water. ” – Rachel at @RacheltheRamblr

23. “Don’t forget that when you’re in a tropical place there’s just as much to see off dry land as on it, perhaps even more! I recently learned to scuba dive in the tropical paradise of Koh Tao, Thailand and was seriously impressed by the coral reefs and the beautiful tropical fish living within them. I’d definitely recommend getting your Open Water Diver qualification so you can explore the underwater world comfortably and safely!” Hayley Griffiths , Travel Blogger at  Love Puffin Travel Blog

24. “For ladies, a plain flowing dress can double as a swimsuit coverup, especially when eating or going somewhere first before heading to the beach.”. – Michele Herrmann, Editor and Social Media Contributor at She is Going Places.

25. “Before booking your trip to any beach destination, do some research to see how the beach conditions are currently. For example, this year in 2015, the entire Caribbean has had MAJOR seaweed issues – definitely a disappointment for the thousands of resort guests and beach goers who paid thousands to lie by the sea all day and enjoy the views.” – Samantha Bilkey, Travel Blogger at Samantha En Route

What tips do you have for travelers headed to the beach or a tropical island?

Remember to look out for the launch of “How to Afford to Travel to Paradise” – coming soon in print!

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  1. love the tips about baby wipes, polish and minimal packing. to paradise we go!

    1. Thanks! Yes let’s go now!

  2. Great tips! I’d second the dress as a swimsuit cover dual – use~! Also I always get bug bites so I carry benadryl cream or its generic around always. … I saw that one of these tips is to bring swim shoes.. I really need to do that. I have sensitive feet already and walking on little rocky bits or shells is torturous!

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