What to Consider Before Choosing a Destination Wedding

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Destination wedding at a Cancun Hotel and Resort? It might be the perfect special day for you

Choosing a venue is one of the most difficult tasks you’ll face when planning you wedding day. While many couples choose the traditional wedding and get married close to home, others choose to tie the knot in exotic locations. Those weddings are a blast for everyone involved, but the travel and planning can . Is a destination wedding right for your special day?

The Benefits

  • Stress-free. Destination weddings are notoriously easier to plan. You don’t need to hunt down additional guest rooms, a DJ, photographer, cake, menu or a honeymoon destination.: It’s all right there. Plus, the exotic locale gives your wedding a relaxing, vacation-like feel, with beautiful, photo op-perfect scenery everywhere you look.
  • Save on expenses. Believe it or not, destination weddings are often much easier on the wallet than local weddings. The average at-home wedding costs around $29,000. Tack on the cost of a honeymoon, and you have a hefty price tag on your hands. In contrast, for just a few thousand dollars, you can find destination wedding packages that include drinks, meals, airfare and resort stay .
  • No one sleeping in your guest room. Resorts often have special rates on rooms for wedding parties, which means you can save your friends and family money on accommodations.

The Downsides

  • All-Inclusive? Depending on how far away you plan on taking the festivities, it may be difficult for all of your friends and family to be included . Guests will need to secure the time off to travel and enjoy the celebration, as well as pay for their hotel stay, food and other travel expenses.
  • Legal Legwork. Couples-to-be need to look into laws and regulations regarding legally binding marriages in their destination of choice to ensure all of the proper documents are brought along and all paperwork is completed so the day you say “I do” is your legitimate wedding anniversary.

Noteworthy Locations

Some of the most popular wedding destinations are in Mexico, the Caribbean, and various European hot spots like Barcelona or Paris. The sand and surf of Florida beaches like Key West and Kissimmee are also favorites of couples ready to pledge their vows in the sunshine.

It’s easy to plan a dream destination wedding, whether you’re looking at resorts and hotels in Cancun, Venice, Key West or even Hilton Head. You’ll be on your honeymoon before you even say “I do!”

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