Exploring Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Earlier this month, I made my way west to Oregon for a travel show. While the show was in Portland, and I was helping work a booth with Go!Girl Guides, I knew that I had to get some sightseeing in. Seeing downtown Portland was going to be easy as I was staying 5 minutes away from the area, but my mind was on the coast of Oregon.

Luckily, I was able to catch an early flight and arrived into Oregon at 12:30pm! With it getting dark near 7pm, I rented a car last minute from Avis (via Priceline.com ) for $13 and set off onto my coastal adventure.


I did not know where exactly I was going, but I knew I had read about the coast in previous blogs and tourist sites. Cannon Beach was the destination most mentioned, so that’s what I typed into my GPS.

About Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is located on the north-west coast of Oregon, about 90 minutes from downtown Portland. It actually took me almost 2 hours to get there due to random rainfalls, windy roads, and some city traffic.


The beach is known to be a small town, for a similar beach vibe as Montauk, New York. Small inns line the blocks with restaurants, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Families gather everywhere and even if it’s 50 degrees, you wear flip flops!

Haystack Rock

The most famous part about Cannon Beach is Haystack Rock. This rock is 235 feet tall. It is  a great spot for not only pictures, but watching the sea life that visits and lives at this beach. Specifically, there are signs to watch out for hermit crabs, birds, tuft puffins, seals, and sealions. Whales come down this coast often once winter comes. The temperature remains temperate, with low 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit in the wintertime. Bring a jacket always, especially for windy days.

Where to Stay

There are many inns and small hotels within the Cannon Beach area. Most of them are oceanfront. None are built within a cliff (to my knowledge and from my own eyes). Prices range from $130 per night and up, which is a steal in the eyes of a New Yorker. Many accommodations come with free WIFI and complimentary breakfast.

Even if breakfast is not included, the outstanding view you will get is worth it. You can walk to everything within downtown so no need to drive. Parking is limited within this small beach town.

What is There to Do?

When you’re not at the beach, there are many ways to have fun at Cannon Beach. Art festivals, music shows, and organized gatherings are frequently scheduled.

Grab a drink or meal at Wayfarer Restaurant and Lodge. Sunset is a good time for dinner but  beware, tables get taken quick.

To keep the beach vibe alive, even on a dreary day, head to Castaways’ Tini Tiki Hut.

Bakeries are everywhere to satisfy your sweet tooth.

When you’re not sure what to do, go for a bike ride. The area is full of forests off the downtown area or you can hop over to Seaside Beach, which is a 30 minute drive away.

Have you been to Cannon Beach?