Caribbean Islands that Use the US Dollar

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As a continuation from the “Caribbean Islands that Use the Euro” post, here is the edition of islands where the US Dollar is the official currency.

If you’re traveling from within the US, this will be easy as you won’t have a change. For everyone else, bring US dollars with you to have easier transactions!

Here are the Caribbean islands which use the US Dollar:

British Virgin Islands (shocking, but true!)

Puerto Rico

US Virgin Islands


Turks and Caicos

For these islands, the US Dollar is widely accepted and you can get away with using it:




St. Lucia

St. Vincent & Grenadines





Cayman Islands


Trinidad & Tobago

Share any feedback you have with currencies in these countries below!

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  1. You can use the US$ everywhere on Curacao too. The rate is pegged 1.75 guilders to the $. Change is given in guilders.

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