5 Worthwhile Attractions in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong can be overwhelming, with people and flashing lights everywhere, and the skyline soaring above you. Getting the most of your Hong Kong experience is about getting to the must-see attractions and sampling the local culture which draws in both expats and tourists, and keeps them returning.

1. Hong Kong Observation Wheel

observation wheel

Image via Flickr by Laruse Junior

Hong Kong’s Ferris wheel is an answer to the London Eye and is another step in the country becoming a popular tourist destination. Opened without fanfare in 2014, the observation wheel takes you 60 metres up in the air for uninterrupted views of Victoria Harbour. At HK$100, the 15-minute rotation is best suited for visitors not on a shoe string budget. The fast-moving queues are a bonus but try to join the line around 45 minutes before sunset for the best views.

2. Hong Kong Disneyland

hk disney

Image via Flickr by coconut wireless

Disneyland parks have opened up in cities around the world, with kids getting close to their favourite Disney characters and adults reliving childhood memories—just don’t go in to this one expecting any thrill rides. Popular Hong Kong Disneyland attractions include Tarzan’s Treehouse, Autopia, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. This park is best suited for families who want the Disneyland experience, complete with hotels and restaurants to make the day fly by quickly.

3. Victoria Peak

v peak

Image via Flickr by johnlsl

The Victoria Peak experience starts right away as you take in the views while the Peak Tram climbs the hill. The Peak has something for everyone, making it Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attraction. The Peak offers 360-degree views of Hong Kong, fine dining, a gallery, and shopping for leisure and souvenir collectors, all based in and around The Peak Tower. Need some greenery? At The Peak you can also be surrounded by nature along the vistas teeming with bird life.

4. Ladies Market

The Ladies Market is a one-kilometre stretch of road with the usual market choices: clothing, accessories and souvenirs. Relative to Hong Kong’s retail stores the prices are already relatively cheap, but Asia and haggling go hand in hand, and those who bring a smile and have a knack for bargaining can come away with insane deals. Every female shopper will have a delight here with women’s clothing and accessories taking main stage. For males, there are watches, CDs, trinkets, and other gadgets available; men, good luck getting out of this one.

5. Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour

foodie tour

Image via Flickr by Austronesian Expeditions

Hong Kong is a great city for food, but without guidance you can miss out on the authentic Hong Kong food scene. The Sham Shui Po Foodie Tour is for foodies who want to experience the subtleties in food that the average eater overlooks. Freshly baked buns, a soy specialty store, award-winning noodles, and braised goose will leave you a happy foodie with a better knowledge of the food culture for the rest of your trip.

Tackling Hong Kong with a limited time frame and no plan is not wise. Once you are in the city, your senses can drag you in all directions as you start to comprehend what’s going on around you. Hong Kong is a city that caters to all, so keep the above attractions in mind and you will be in for a great time.