Exploring Lake Zurich, Switzerland

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If you are headed towards Zurich, Switzerland – make sure you don’t miss out on Lake Zurich!

Lake Zurich in Switzerland is the main body of water existing just south of downtown Zurich. Accessible via rail (10 minutes) and a comfortable stroll through Old Town (another 10 minutes), you will find Lake Zurich easily. Just follow the stone roads and the river until you reach the lake.

About Lake Zurich

The lake actually forms from the Linth River, which comes from the glaciers in Switzerland. The water is very clean and home to many swans. The best time to go in for a swim is during the summer months of June, July, and August.

What is There to Do?

Throughout the year, families, travelers, and basically everyone, enjoys Lake Zurich.

Walking along the waterfront in itself is a pleasure. Musicians line the waterfront. Families feed the swans and birds. Couples set up picnics.

*Switzerland does not have a no open container law. Feel free to bring bottles outdoors and drink by the lake. But – do clean up after yourself!

Cruises at sunset are popular on the lake. Even if you don’t hop onto the big boat, see if you can take a ride with someone else in a canoe. You can view the mountains in the distance and further communities set up down south.

The scenic views are one thing. Make your Lake Zurich trip complete with some refreshments and local cheese.

Have you been to Lake Zurich?