Welcoming You All to The Paradise Blogger!

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Dear Beloved Readers and Everyone,

After much of your support, feedback, and thinking – I am proud to say I have re-branded myself as The Paradise Blogger.


It took some time for me to realize what I was truly passionate about when it came to travel. It is now easy to see how I should show it.

Islands, beaches, waterfronts are what I thrive for and what I specifically look to when traveling. It is like my second air. I can’t go on long without having an adventure in “paradise”. I need to walk my body into the ocean. I need to be one with the marine life. If I were a mermaid, that would be even better.

Therefore, my blog name had to convey it much more obviously to all of you and future readers that come across my stories. I think “The Paradise Blogger” does exactly that.

It all would not have come together if it was not for the people in my life, those that I meet abroad, and the experiences I have had. I love paradises not only because of their clear waters and jaw dropping scenic views, but also because of the people who have made my stays there unbelievably unforgettable. The animals play a part in it too.

I will always be searching for new paradises. This is only another door that has been opened within the journey. There are many hopeful plans I have for myself in the next year (more to come on that in 2016).

What stays most important is sharing the love of paradises with you and the world.

Too many of us don’t know of all the possible paradises we may one day visit. There are more islands in the world than there are countries. The word will go out and the fun will continue.

Thank you to everyone – my family, friends, readers, sponsors, and future passerby-ers who support me!