Champagne and Swimming at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

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The Blue Lagoon is by far the #1 rated attraction in Iceland. It is one of the first stops one makes after the airport, or the last stop before returning to the airport.

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, which has natural healing ingredients. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its waters include mainly the minerals of silica and sulfer.

This attraction does attract crowds but that does not mean it is always crowded. Afternoons are the busiest, therefore mornings are a better time to go and not have to wait in line.

When I flew into Iceland, it was about 9am. Perfect timing to float around in some hot waters!

Not only does it get you feeling warm and fuzzy, but it revived my body after sleeping on the airplane. There is so much room, you can always find yourself a cozy corner. Swim under the bridges head to the waterfall, or sit near the edges.

For the best experience – go early, pre-buy your ticket online for savings ($35 Euro ticket) , and hop on over to the champagne line! Drinking champagne in such a beautiful place is like no other. The cost is between $13-15 US at this time, which hey, for the experience is worth it.

Another thing – don’t add the facial into your ticket. There are free buckets of the silica mud in the Blue Lagoon. Put on your own mask as many times as you like without paying for it!

Have you been to the Blue Lagoon?