How to Choose the Perfect Getaway in Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic was my first Caribbean country visited. Yes, it was during spring break of my senior year in college, but I and the girls specifically chose this destination so we can participate in the culture and do things other than drink! Cancun was just not our thing ( and we did not know about what else is out there in 2007). We all wanted more and we got more than we ever thought we could have.

Of course, if we had more spending money, we would have shelled out for more excursions. The Dominican Republic had so much to offer and it has only grown to offer tons more now!

If you are thinking of visiting the Dominican Republic, then you will have lots of choices to make. There is no one beach within the country that’s attracting visitors, there several popular destinations.

What I cannot stress more is to get out of the resort, and see the country. Majority of the resorts are All-Inclusive yet they are also the cheapest out there in the Caribbean!

Here’s how to plan that perfect getaway to the Dominican Republic:

Choose your destination within the destination.

There are so many places you can go within Dominican Republica and that means different airports as well. You’ve got Punta Cana, Samana, Puerto Plata, and Santo Domingo as some of the most visited by travelers. Pick your coast and airport, then decide what’s most important to you for accommodations.

Pick an Accommodation Close to Town

Why am I saying this? You will have much more of a cultural experience if you can leave your resort and head into town, even if is only once! You can shop, go dining and eat other foods, het great shopping done, and for you late nighters – go clubbing. Even if you stay at an All-Inclusive, you probably will have one little shop to purchase goods from, you will get to know the restaurants well if you’re there for at least 5 days, and you probably won’t have any locals at your resort unless they work there.

Out on the town, you can see a lot more and some of the clubs ate the wildest! I had a pretty good “Disco” at the Barcelo Bavaro in Punta Cana. Nights would go until 4am easy, but we left the resort to go to a club called “MANGU” and that was incredible in so many ways! We mingled with the locals ( single ladies we were) , heard the great local music, and saw parts of town we did not see on our way to the resort.

Make sure you’ve got access to excursions

If you decide to stay at a small resort, a hostel, or rent an apartment, be sure you can easily access activities. You don’t want to have any struggles getting around, overpaying for taxis, or be far from everything you want to do. Even if you rent a car, at least then you can decide how far you want to venture out.

Many huge resorts offer a Tour Desk and have excursion companies which work with them. It will be easy to communicate there. If you go to book on your own, bring a Spanish dictionary or an app that you can use to translate as the locals speak Spanish.

Book after April!

The Dominican Republic is one of the least expensive places to vacation at. You can get it for even cheaper if you visit after April. January through April is high season, where prices can double. Paying $1200 for a 7 day All-inclusive trip with airfare isn’t bad. But you can get it for $700 or less per person! If money is an important factor for you, wait out the high season. Then you can spend more on having fun on site in the DR.

What constitutes the perfect DR getaway to you?

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  1. I lived in the DR for six years and the people made it so special for me!!! I loved every place I visited, from my home in Punta Cana to diving in Bayahibe to Barahona’s beautiful shores. No where else have I found people so willing to party with you, even if they couldn’t speak English. The buses were wonderful, the beaches were varied. Sigh, I want to go back so badly. It truly is my second home.

    1. That’s great to hear! Oo Bayahibe I have not heard of or Barahona. DR has so many spots!

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