Ocean View Hikes in Malibu, California

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One of my favorite activities to do on land is go for a hike – and get that ocean view from up high!

Some destinations I visit are flatlands while other have rolling hills and mountains galore. Well, Malibu in California is one of the best destinations to go for a hike and see the Pacific Ocean.

The weather seems to always be perfect in California too, therefore you can go anytime throughout the year.

I went with a group of friends to California and we had a tough time deciding which trail we should do. Should we opt for a 6 hour hike? A short one with an easier skill level? Or one with the best ocean view?

We found one that gave us a bit of everything – the Zuma Canyon Trail. There are two other trails right there that you can start from also. The Loop trail goes a lot longer and is tougher. Make sure you grab a GPS or a map beforehand so you know hoa far you’d like to go. It can get hard if you keep going uphill and round and round in loops!


The Zuma Canyon Trail took us about 2 hours, with breaks. It started out easy and quickly got steep. The latter part of the hike was easier but very downhill, so do take caution to not slide down the mountain.

The ocean views were there and we got a vast view of the Pacific. Blue and peace out west.

On the east, we would see random homes in the mountains. They looked gorgeous! Not sure how anyone gets up to them but it was nice to wonder what their view were like.

Where have you hiked for ocean views?