Great Barrier Reef – Scuba Diving Excitement and Disappointment

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When I was planning my trip to Australia, I knew that I could not miss out on diving the Great Barrier Reef.

For any diver, or ocean lover, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the top coveted destinations. Luckily so, it is so big that you do not fly into one airport to experience it. You can reach the Great Barrier Reef from over 1,600 miles on shore, because it’s that long in the ocean!

For me, going to Cairns was the easiest as I was flying out of Sydney. Cairns was not my favorite spot although it did the deed and accommodations were cheap. I kept hearing about Port Douglas, which was another hour north and even farther luxury resorts (such as Lizard Island) which would have been hours more. Where you stay is up to you, but I do believe it makes a huge difference on the diving experience you will have.

I dove the Saxion, Hastings, Onmoor, and Manta Reefs when in Australia.

I got to say – my dives in the Great Barrier Reef were not my #1 experiences! Who would think so? I actually was disappointed, but I had a lot of fun.

I think it was hype over matter. I expected to see so many different species and sizes of fish – sea turtles, dolphins, maybe some lobsters etc.

I did see the most voluptuous amounts of coral ever with the most (small) fish living in the coral reefs. Tons of Nemos, but no sea turtles or anything larger. No sharks either.

I don’t mean to sound like a bratty diver, but it’s the Great Barrier Reef. I just expected to see something big after going for 5 dives.

Alas, Cairns is a busy port that I did not consider. There are boats carrying 100+ passengers every day to the reefs. I bet the fish know the boats come and many have migrated to less touristy areas.

If I do go back, I would travel further north within Australia. I would aim to go somewhere secluded, to a small resort which has a limited amount of rooms, and to a portion of the reef that is not accessible from a city.

Will I go back? Absolutely. I do not have set plans yet but it will happen.

Once a diver, always a diver. Never write off a destination because you did not see all you wanted to.

Have you had a diving experience that disappointed you?

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