Windsurfing Lessons in Maldives

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Me at Meeru Island Resort and Spa

I am one who is always up for a water sport – except jet skiing. Somehow it terrifies me. You can thank my husband for going too fast one time with me on it, and I have not gotten over it yet! Eventually I do want to try it again, on my own jet ski.

Windsurfing has always looked fun and intimidating. I heard in the past that it is tougher than it looks and boy was I right!

The husband being a PRO!

First off, you need wind. Therefore, not all beach destinations are the right fit for a windsurfing lesson. Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos are pretty good island destinations near North America. For those of you traveling to a more lux destination, Maldives is the best to go windsurfing.

A windsurfing lesson goes for about $60 estimated for 1 hour.

At Meeru Island Resort & Spa, you can get a lesson for FREE!


A lesson is very helpful. The instructor had a setup on land of the surfboard and the sail. With two others, I was shown the steps in how to windsurf, everything from how to get onto the board to how to change direction and get off.

Testing the board out on land was a bit hard, and that sail is heavy! You definitely need strength to hold it up and I found that the hardest part. If the sail falls, then it becomes even more difficult to lift the sail.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson. Having about 45 minutes total to test the board out in the water felt like more than enough time to get the hang of it. Towards the end, I sort of got it, but my arms were sore from this workout I endured!

If you want to try a windsurfing lesson, take a lesson first to see how you handle the sail and if you even like it in the first place. Would I do it again? Yes. I will make sure I work out my arms so I build up more muscle first.

If you visit the Maldives, check to see if you can get a windsurfing lesson at your resort. The first lesson at Meeru Island Resort & Spa is always free along with many other things.

Have you ever windsurfed?

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