Why I Love the Beach So Much

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You all know that I love the beach immensely. I could and probably should be a Florida girl. I would be able to beach it then on a regular schedule and be super close to the Caribbean!


So why is it that I love the beach so much? I know that some of you don’t like it at all. You don’t enjoy the sand or the heat or get bored sitting out on it.

Not me. The beach is like my haven. It’s kind of like a surfer giving up surfing. Or a Cross Fitt-er quitting working out. Or an artist not creating art anymore.

Even though I do not spend my days at the beach everyday, the beach plays a huge part in my life.

Here is why I cannot live without the beach:image

  1. I Can’t Stop Staring

Some people go to the beach thinking they have nothing to look at. When I go, that is almost all I look at! 360 views, my eyes out on the water, people watching, and the sand. I see so much within the beach. There is always movement, even if you’re the only one there and the waves are the only ones moving. I don’t spend time on my phone on the beach either. Just snap a few pictures, then put it away or have someone shoot me instead. Why look away when you’re in such a beautiful plimage


2. The Waves Speak

I am not saying that I hear voices, but the earth talks to us. In the trees, in the animals, and in the waves.

I went on a Ferngully thing there if you noticed…

The waves are constantly saying something. Mostly, I enjoy when they are pleasant and calm for me to go in and join them. Other times, they are adventurous that jumping in them like a little kid is what I go for. If they’re too big, I admire them and their creation. God – one of my favorite things are waves and wow, are they incredible. Surfers still put me in awe when I watch them.


3. I Become One with the Fish

Especially in times of scuba diving and snorkeling, that is when I become a fish myself. At least I like to think so. Breathing underwater and swimming deep seas? And not being afraid at all?

That is my calming point. I feel as if I live in the reefs, at least for those 45 minutes I am down under.

What others only see on TV, I live in real life. Scuba diving gives me a view of the world many of us never see, and the bigger picture. Yes, there are humans all over, but the land and sea are greater than all of us combined.


4. People Watching

At the beach, you see the interactions of so many humans. You see families, friends, couples, solo people,  and groups.

It amazes me to watch the people and see what they are doing. Many times, there is smiling on the beach. I hardly see a fight although there have been a few…

Happy times between people make me happy.

When I get to interact with others too, and possibly end up spending a few hours enjoying the beach together, it makes the experience all the more better.

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