Finding the Closest Beach to Rome

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Visiting Italy gets difficult when you have to choose where you would like to go within the country. There are just too many options!

Photo via Flickr by Luca Fonti

For my first visit, I decided on Rome. I really wanted to combine the Mediterranean coast into my trip, and even though there are express trains everywhere, it just did not happen this time.


What I did find though was the closest beach you can get to from Termini station, Rome – Santa Marinella!

The train to the beach leaves right from Termini – the main station in Rome. That makes it for an easy trip.

It is only a 1 hour ride north which makes it super convenient. No bus is needed.


Photo via Flickr by Kostandin Minga

Supposedly, it has been one of the most visited beaches since the Roman Empire due to its proximity to the city.

The beach is free, with some portions being private but those are mostly on the outskirts. The water is clear from the pictures I have seen and a small resort town surrounds the area. Grabbing a bite to eat and a drink couldn’t be easier.

For a train ride of only €4.60, a beach day away from Rome is one we could all incorporate into our visit.

*Other nearby beaches which are a bit further to get to include: Anzio, Ostia, and Sperlonga.

Have you visited Santa Marinella?