8 Reasons I Love Maldives

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For those of you who know me personally, I had always wanted to visit Maldives. I kept it as “the trip for the honeymoon”, and that’s exactly how I made it happen!

My visit to Maldives was in August 2015. It was just as magical as I had imagined it. With all the posts I have written on Maldives already, I flat out wanted to write about why I love this island country so much. Here it goes:

  1. It’s so in the Middle of Nowhere

This is what makes Maldives all the more attractive to me. Having to travel to a place that is hours away from anything else in the world makes my mind go “Wee!”. It gives it a special tone and I feel like I’m the only person when I arrive.

2. The Atolls are One of a Kind

Nowhere else will you find atolls and sand banks like the ones in Maldives. Such an island country only exists here! You can’t remake it, fabricate it, or redesign a country to be like this. Maldives is one of a kind.

3. The Name Rings Happiness

Maldives just sounds so good doesn’t it? Something about it and its pronunciation brings a smile to my face. It’s a beautiful name.

4. Diving is Limitless

This was by the far the best diving I have ever done! I can live with the sharks. Can I go back and dive at every resort? #afarfetcheddream

5. Love is Everywhere

Not only do many honeymoon couples or just couples in general come here, but love really is everywhere. I felt it from the staff, I felt it in the air, the ocean, the sun, you name it.


6. The Stars are like Space

Never have I ever…seen so many stars in my entire life! I thought my grandmothers’ home in Poland was the best spot as she’s in a small village with shooting stars and galaxies all around her in the sky. Maldives beat it. I felt like I was an astronaut and spending the first night there watching the sky did not make me go to bed.

7. Living in a Stilt is Better than my Condo

I love space, but I can do well in small spaces. Having lived in an over water villa on stilts was more than enough space for me and I would have kept it that way! If I can wake up and jump into the ocean with the fish, and sharks, I’m all in.

8. Making Friends

Not everywhere I travel to do I return with friends. I can say I met a few others with whom I have kept in touch with and plan to visit in the future. #FriendsForever

Maldives has my heart forever and I will return!

Why do you love Maldives?