Hiking Up to El Encanto Waterfall, Costa Rica

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It’s no secret that there are many waterfalls to experience in the country of Costa Rica. You can go to the famous La Fortuna waterfall or, find one on your own! The latter is harder, so it’s best to go with a local or someone who can provide you good directions.

During my trip, I received word from my friend who lived in San Jose that there were waterfalls in Playa Hermosa, the one near Jaco. I was bound to find them and off on a road trip I set off on.

I had no exact directions or even a name, but Google Maps did bring up a spot named ” Ocean Ranch Park Eco Adventures.”

After driving around for a bit and stopping at the beach, which looks like this:


I decided we should follow the signs for the tourist attraction at the Ocean Ranch Park.

It took us only about 7 minutes from the main road and into the beginning of the hills. There, I spoke with staff to see what deal I could get. There were packages to choose from all depending on what I wanted to do. I could sign up for different hikes, ATV’s, horse back riding, zip lining, and combine them in different ways.

Since I already had a 4×4 vehicle, I asked if I could drive myself to the waterfall area. I happened to be with my husband and one of our friends, so the park let us do a deal for $15 each! If we were to ATV to the waterfall and combine it with ATV-ing, the initial charge was $65 per person. Not a bad deal but with timing, I wanted beach time and to watch the sunset.

We were able to drive to a parking area by some horse stables and a guide took us the rest of the way to El Encanto Waterfall.

It was about a 20 minute easy hike to the waterfall. You pass armies of ants on the way which are building their community transporting leaves across the dirt road. Dogs are welcome as well!
Due to it being dry season and the middle of January, the waterfall was smaller than usual, That didn’t matter to me – I just wanted to see it!

El Encanto waterfall was peaceful, just as I had imagined. There was no pool to swim in or ropes to jump off on as I had hoped, but that was alright with me. It’s nature and it’s beautiful. I had no set expectations, except some water running and being able to witness it all.
Now, I just so happened to get to see a secret waterfall at this location that is not advertised. It was hidden but in the same park!

Stay tuned for the next post on “A Secret Waterfall Hike at Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica”.

What waterfall have experienced in Costa Rica?

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