Skip Jaco, Head to Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica

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If you’re going to be in San Jose, Costa Rica then the closest beach from the city is Jaco. Now, I’ve heard that the beach is the go to for tourists but all the locals head a few minutes further down to Playa Hermosa.

Why is that? Well, the friend I was visiting in Costa Rica told me that Jaco got half constructed. I’m not sure the real reason, if it was due to corruption, not enough funding, or what. If you drive past Jaco, you can see from the road that the hotels are not finished. There are holes in the hallway and it is obvious that there are empty corridors that have no stairs. Kind of weird and while the beach still had a great view, it seemed very sandy and bland from the ocean view I got here below…



So spend the extra 10 minutes to drive to Playa Hermosa  is what I recommend!


It is a black sand beach covered in palm trees. Hermosa is small but it has everything you need. A small line of inns and two/three floor hotels line the beach. Some of them feature beach restaurant and bars with a garden or pool area. People gather together to have fun, relax, and enjoy some good food and drinks. If one wants to shop, there are mini-markets, liquor stores, and some fresh food stands close by along the main road.


Playa Hermosa is open for swimming, but surfing is what really goes on here. Watching the surfers catch waves is fun, as the waves are not that high or terrifying. It actually feels soothing to me to watch them gracefully ride the water.

For sunsets, you see some of the best out here.


Did I mention you’ve got access to waterfalls, hiking, and ziplining as well? Look for the next post on that!

Have you visited Playa Hermosa?