Yes, There is a Beach in Koror, Palau

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While planning my trip to Palau, I conducted immense research on where the nearest beach was. To my surprise, there were hardly any reports on beaches in the area!

Yes, there are waterfronts and plenty of marinas, but what about white sand beaches? The only posts I found about beaches were about the private beach at Palau Royal Resort and Long Beach. For the resort, I had read that visitors need to pay $25 or more per day to access the beach. I did not go that route therefore I cannot confirm if the price is the same. For Long Beach, there was a shortage of posts to really understand where it is. After reading through some forums, I found out that it’s a sand bay that comes out during low tide, and it is right before the bridge that takes you to Malakal Island. Finding it at the right moment is easier said than done, I never saw it!

Well, having a car rental and driving around aimlessly led me to a REAL, SANDY BEACH just five minutes outside of downtown Koror!

Here is the 360° view of the beach:

I could not believe it and it is so easy to miss the sign for it.

This is the sign:

Not clear right? I was not sure what it exactly meant, but drive right into that road and within 60 seconds you find a tree filled parking lot, a gym, a dock, and a sandy beach to your left!

This is how you get to the beach:

From downtown Koror, drive west on Main Street. Turn on onto the main road that takes you to Meyungs, which is right after the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center. Pass the hospital, which will be on your right. A few blocks later, keep your eyes on the road and to the right, you will see the sign that I posted above for the National Swimming Pool.

The sandy area is enough to lay out on, with adequate space, even in high tide. The water is warm and calm. You are protected by the rock islands to your left and the dock. Swimming out is easy and you will see some fish while you’re there too. It is too shallow to scuba, but you can certainly snorkel! There are some rockier areas to enter the water, but it only means taking a few careful steps then they’re gone.

Cracked coconuts will be laying around and you will see holes in the sand – maybe from some nightly creatures. When I went to the beach and spent hours there, no one else arrived. It just my friend and I. It is secluded, I don’t think ANY tourists know about. Even a diving friend who has lived in Koror for a while never came to this beach.


If you do go, be respectful. Keep the area clean, don’t litter, say hi to neighbors who live nearby if you see them, and enjoy yourself!

Let me know if you find this beach too and how your experience was!