Where is Jellyfish Lake, Palau and How Do I Get to It?

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If you’ve heard of the famous Jellyfish Lake where you can swim with millions of jellyfish and not get stung, your mind probably jumps to “Where is it?”.

First off, Jellyfish Lake is in the island country of Palau. You can read about my snorkeling experience here and the entire day trip here for more details including crazy up close photos.


Getting to Palau is a lengthy trip but well worth it. Palau is located in the Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere. It is part of Micronesia and the easiest way to fly into the capital city, Koror, is via Tokyo, Japan or Manila, Philippines. It is about a 5 hour flight from Tokyo and about 3 hours from Manila.

All major international airlines fly into Koror. From there, Jellyfish Island is not too far.


It is located on Eil Malk Island – one of the Rock Islands in the Southern Lagoon. You will need to go with someone, either through a dive shop or tour company to reach the island. The other option is to rent a boat or go with a boat guide.


Jellyfish Lake is about a 45 minute boat ride from Koror. It is a secluded lake within the island, so you will need to be ready to hike for about 10 minutes up and down steep steps in order to reach it.

However you arrive, you must have a permit to enter and reservations are required as there is a limit to how many tourists are allowed. Ask your guide or tour company for that specific info – sometimes they are booked up weeks ahead of time or need to rent extra boats to accommodate everyone!

Have you been to Jellyfish Lake?