Crocodile Watching a Little Too Close to the Railing

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Did you know that you could go crocodile watching in Costa Rica?

That may not be the first attraction you come across, but it it a unique one to add to your list if you are headed anywhere near Jaco.

In Tarcoles River, reside many crocodiles. It is the American crocodile that lives in and among its banks, as it winds through the country.

Fun fact – It is the most populated river in the country!

Driving to Tarcoles is pretty easy as you will see many signs about the attraction on your way. You can go on a tour or park by one of the many shops on the main road. I decided to park and walk to the bridge where you can overlook the river. Just be careful of not leaning too far over the railing, as there are dozens waiting for a meal below you.

There have been deaths before – of humans falling over and then being eaten. I happened to drop my empty coconut into the river and boy did a few of them go right after that. The crocs did not wait a single second.

Bottom line – Be safe and if you get frightened, watch your back as many cars pass this area. Getting hit by a car is a danger at this attraction.

Have you seen this beautiful crocs?

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  1. They look much bigger in person too!

  2. Wow, awesome photos!

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