Finding Paradise in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is one of those destinations that is either on one’s radar, or not. If you asked some of my non traveling peers, they probably would not know where this destination is. There’s nothing wrong with that, because there are so many countries in the world. It is hard to come across every single one, especially if you’re not into geography or traveling.

Sri Lanka is a country located a little southeast of India in the Indian Ocean. It is shaped like a pear, or a giant tear drop. Even though it is small in comparison to other destinations, Sri Lanka offers tons to explore, it will inspire holidays, and have you return home with a new sense of adventure.

Throughout the country, Sri Lanka offers pristine coastal beaches and towns, rugged rainforest, many Buddhist ruins, and city life full of history. The prime spot to begin when one visits Sri Lanka, is Colombo. This is where many international flights arrive and it is also the biggest city of this island country.


Photo via Flickr by Malcolm Browne

From Colombo, you can decide to stay in the city and explore this melting pot of a destination. Or, you can decide to go up and down the coast. Moped is by far the most recommended transportation if you enjoy traveling solo, and the most fun. Group tours are recommended for those who want to meet others, and maybe are unsure of exploring on their own.

Accommodations are fairly inexpensive – you can find hotels at $30 per night. If you are more of the luxurious traveler, high end resorts have come to the country such as the Centara brand. Even though Sri Lanka may not be an “expensive” destination, it is far more rich in its land and culture.

Besides all the history that can be found in this country – ruins, temples, ancient cities – be sure to not miss the marine world. Scuba diving may be overlooked by the neighboring island of Maldives, and it is continuously growing as an up and coming diving destination now.

Weather can be tricky, but that is never an excuse to not go. The spontaneity only adds to the adventure. For quick tips on Sri Lanka, trip planning, and ideas for your trip, Inspire Holidays is a great resource.

Does Sri Lanka inspire you? How would you spend your time there?

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