Least Populated Islands – Where a Population of Less than 5,000 is the Real Deal

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Travel has brought us to many great destinations, wide views, tall rooftops, and unimaginable places our minds could hardly handle. As technology has advanced over the years, many are brought to our screens with the click of a finger. Off the beaten path and secret places are not so secret any longer. How about the small places of our time? Not private islands or atolls or small towns, such as Hobbiton, but actual islands that have a population so small, you wonder who lives there in the first place.

Here are the five least populated islands of our time, some that don’t even reach their numbers in the four digits.



Photo credit: Flickr/ Christine Warner Hawks

This Caribbean island makes our list of least populated islands, coming in with an estimated population of 4,900. It is nicknamed “The Emerald Isle”, as it resembles Ireland coasts and its ancestry. The island is made up of black rock and volcanic activity has continued into the 2000’s. Even so, people continue to reside in the plush, green grounds which are not affected by the lava. This is a UK territory which is the easiest out of all in this list to access.

How to Get There: Fly Air Montserrat via Antigua. Commercial flights are available on Delta, American Airlines, United, and US Airways from Antigua as well.

Easter Island


Photo Credit: Flickr / Arian Zwegers

Easter Island is located off the coast of Chile. That is, about 2,000 miles off the coast into the Pacific. It remains a mystery as to how its famous, massive rock sculptures came about. Studies show that the first inhabitants of the island may have arrived in the year 1500. With an estimated population of only 4,000 people, it is one to settle down in if you are looking for seclusion, fair weather, yet still opportunities to mingle and socialize without bumping into your neighbor down the road.

How to Get There: Fly LAN Airlines to IPC Airport from Santiago, Chile or Tahiti. It is quite the popular stop if you purchase a “RTW” ticket.



Photo Credit: Flickr / Pia Waugh

The Pacific Ocean is, as we know it, home to many small islands. Niue comes in at fourth place with a population of about 1,900. The people are mainly Polynesian, and have come over from island countries of Samoa and Tonga in the 16th century. Niue is a tropical oasis and has made a small presence in the media lately, although it has not been under the most consistent ruling or government. At this time, it is known to be a responsibility of New Zealand.

How to Get There: Fly Air New Zealand from Aukland, New Zealand.

Tristan da Cunha


Photo Credit: Flickr / Brian Gratwicke

When you think of the Atlantic Ocean, you may think of Bermuda and the surrounding Caribbean Islands which can be seen on an atlas. An archipelago of small islands you might never have heard of is Tristan da Cunha. It lies in the Southern Hemisphere, very south that the closest country is South Africa. It is under British rule and actually has had some Portuguese and French influence in its past. With a total population of approximately 271, many of its people descend from the original individuals who made this their home.

How to Get There: Permission must be received prior to your trip from the Island Council. Only several fishing boats come to Tristan da Cunha. Schedules can be found here.

Pitcairn Island


Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Seventh-day Adventist Church

The island with the absolute smallest population is Pitcairn Island, located in the center of the Pacific Ocean with hardly anyone else around. At a population of 56, are you even allowed to enter this island? It continues to be a territory of Britain, which were the first settlers coming off of a burnt boat and now having birthed children to continue their lineage.

The closest island countries are Tahiti and Gambier Islands, which both are a few hours flight away.

How to Get There: There is one way – you will need to take a shipping boat to the island which leaves out of New Zealand. The trip may take up to 10 days or longer.

Would you like to live on such a small populated island? Which have you visited?