What to do in Palau When it Rains

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If you haven’t heard the news lately, Palau is experiencing a serious drought. The rainfall they have received in the past few months has been more below normal than ever. I have a friend residing there now who will be able to take a shower in the morning, then come home to no running water.

In the instance that weather goes back to somewhat normal, and you are in Palau on a rainy day, what does one do? The sunny weather in this tropical country makes it for a great destination and far from any tropical storm. Eventually, rain will come.

Here’s what you can do in Palau during that time:

Palau Mar 08  27

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  1. Visit the Jail

Not joking – the Koror Jail is famous for having its tourists come and buy artwork from the prisoners. Really? Yes. Much of the artwork consists of wooden storyboards and they are actually quite good!

Destoryed Japanese Ha-Go 1

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2.  Scavenge for WWII remains

Palau was hit hard during World War II. Many of the remains from the war are on Peleliu Island. Go for a walk looking for these memorabilia. On Koror as well as other islands, you will find memorials and artifacts that have been preserved.


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3. Go to the Museum

On Koror, you will find the Belau National Museum and Etpison Museum. There, you can view artwork of the lives of the Palau people.  You can see how they used to live and the history behind their country.  Unlike any other museum you will find, this is local to these people. Only $10!

Milky Way

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4. Get Muddy

If it’s raining, make it the best chance to get as clean as you can. Head to the Milky Way where you will have a spa like experience. Pick the mud from the bottom of this lake and layer yourself in it. You will be cleansed and your skin will be feeling newer than ever.

Palau Aquarium

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5. Visit the Aquarium

If you’re one to skip the ocean when it rains, go to the aquarium located in Koror. There are some outdoor pools for viewing while the indoor tanks are on the smaller side. There is a great variety of fish to see up close. Only $10 for this attraction!

Ngardmau Falls

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6. Hike to a Waterfall

Another chance at getting wet in the rain is heading towards Ngardmau Falls.  You will need to hike about 2-3 miles to get to the waterfall, so it is a bit of a workout. The waterfall is large – at 1,000 or more feet high. Take a dip into the lagoon and then take a  hot shower when you get home.

What would you do if it rained in Palau?