Find Your Own Beach

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“Find Your Own Beach”.

This is a saying that means exploration, and seeking of the most perfect beach for you. It is not something that is to come along as “Find your own table to sit at” or “You don’t fit in here”. Some individuals have found “their spot” at the same beach and either have moved there, or return very frequently.

Whether it is by your home, in another country, or at a place you call “vacation home”, when you find that special beach, you can’t stop but keep coming back.

How does one go about finding the perfect beach for themselves? There are so many to choose from and we will never make it to every single beach in our lifetimes…even if we tried.

I like to say – Do you.

That can go for everything in my opinion, but when it comes to the beach, look for the one that completes you. It could be physically, that the beach has everything possible for you to use or purchase. It should be mentally too, that it feels like nothing else in the world matters.

Have I found my beach? My #1?

I don’t think I have yet. I am not entirely on a search to say either, but when I do have that feeling, I will share it.

Somehow, in my mind I have always longed for Maho Beach in St. Maarten. I can see that being a beach that I would love to live at or have near my home. Well, June is the month I will finally be able to experience it and let you all know my thoughts.

Where is your beach? Do you call it home?