5 Ways to See the World’s Best Beaches

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Our Boat at Entalula Island

Source: Flickr

Beaches are one of the many wonders of our world. There are millions of them on our planet to explore and each comes in different shapes, sizes, waters, sands, and so forth. While some beaches may be home to certain individuals, others play a part in many vacation itineraries. Some of the most highly rated beaches in the world include Seven Mile Beach, Grace Bay, and Ipanema Beach. Who doesn’t love the beach and how can one see the world’s best beaches?

Here are the top five ways to feed your beach cravings and jet off to the most beautiful, exotic beaches in our world.

Solo Travel

If one is a beach fanatic, as I am, then heading out on your own is the way to see the best beaches. Don’t bother waiting for others to join you on your adventure. Sometimes it is hard to get others to commit and if you are one to not rely on others, book your trip and get yourself out there. With today’s technology, you can find many beaches online and use all the online resources to plan your way. Print out directions as a backup plan and ask locals where the best beaches are, even after you have researched them yourself. You might be surprised with a beach that is not listed in the guidebooks or Internet. If you want to meet up with someone in person locally, check out Meetup.com or Couchsurfing.

Group Travel

One of the easiest ways of seeing the world’s best beaches is through group tours. When you book such a trip, you (either alone or with peers) join others on a tour that will last a certain amount of days. You will have tour guides throughout the trip and you can view your itinerary schedules before you pay. This makes it easier to pick where you want to go as you know what areas you will be spending your time in. You can choose from different sizes of groups to your liking. If you’d like to travel with a small group, Alexander+Roberts is a great choice.

Private Tour Guide

If you really want to scout out those “secret beaches” that no one knows about, go with a private tour guide. This guide should reside in the area you are visiting and have good recommendations so you don’t go off with a stranger getting lost. The private guides tend to have more flexibility as well, and you can set up your own schedule with when you want to go on a tour.  The private tour guides usually they have their own car also which makes for a more comfortable ride if you need to get driven. This is where you will get catered to and it sets the mood for a more intimate experience for couples.

All – Inclusive Resorts

If you are looking to experience the world’s best beaches but not spend a lot of money, then stay at an All-Inclusive resort. Now be warned that not every All-Inclusive is necessarily inexpensive, but there is a fair amount to choose from. With this kind of accommodation, you will have paid for your meals, drinks, taxes, and tips before you arrive. That leaves you more room to explore the nearby areas as well. Many All-Inclusive resorts are spread along miles of beach, have several beaches next door which you can walk to, and include nearby beach excursions in their packages for snorkeling or motor activities. Double check if they have a private island as that can also be a possibility.


If you are one to see multiple beaches internationally in a short period of time, then cruising may be your best option. Choose from as short as 3 day cruises to as long as 4 weeks worth of cruises around the world.  You will dock at different countries and even continents, depending on your itinerary. This is the best way to do the least work as you get on the boat and don’t do any of the work getting from beach to beach. Look out for those cruise sales too – sometimes you can find a very inexpensive deal that saves you more than staying at a hotel.

How would you go about seeing the world’s best beaches? Which is your favorite beach?

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