Lounging at the Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort in Sosua, Dominican Republic

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Earlier this month, I and the husband went off to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for his 30th birthday. Finally, I get to share where we stayed and how awesome our time there was!

Fast forward to Sosua – a neighborhood within Puerto Plata which lies in a bay area. The town has many homes, bars, restaurants, and businesses. There are a few hotels, some of which had closed down, but the major resort is called Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort. This is where we chose to stay.

The name got me, if you have “Reef” in it, there must be a reef. And…there was!

Not only that, although having a reef is important to me, it was an All-Inclusive resort which is what we were looking for. I haven’t done an AL plan in years and was excited to enjoy convenience, abundance, and not carrying cash.

The Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort has several buildings which hold different types of rooms. We booked ourselves into an Ocean View room – as always! The view had some palm trees in the way, which was ok because that left us with privacy.

The resort itself is beautiful and if you did not know, it is part of the AMHSA resort chain. There were three major pools, 9 bars, 5 restaurants, and also 3 cold plunge pools by the cliffs. There would be daily activities, such as dancing, concerts, games, and snacks in between meals. One day, there was a pig roasting outside the bar!

At this resort, there are two beaches which were pretty calm during our stay. When the weather kicks up, it can get wavy. There are rocks that have been left in place from before time, and cliffs which help break the waves. The reef, which is about 5 minutes out by boat, also helps this beach be calm. Nearby, you will find other beaches are perfect for surfing; not this one.

The beaches were clean, the bars served multiple drinks at a time, and the food was better than I expected! From our families and friends, their reviews of going to DR in general was that they were not fans of the food. The local food is the best and don’t expect the Mexican you get back at home. The food changed daily, even at the buffet, which was a plus. Did I mention the rum was phenomenal?

Snorkeling was great at the beach and we saw some fish. Diving was even better, but it is easier to take a five minute boat ride than paddle. Also, many others are kayaking or banana boating which is more dangerous for divers to paddle out.

More on diving in the next post!

We met tons of great people, had a blast, and felt welcomed. The views at the resort were beautiful with the sun dropping into the ocean and a view of downtown Puerto Plata to the west. The time flew by too fast and before you know it, we were home.

It was a great birthday weekend for Adam! It was a lovely vacation altogether and now, I want to do All-Inclusive even sooner.

Have you stayed at this resort? Let me know!