Diving Sosua – The Best in Puerto Plata, DR

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If you have read about my trip to DR, you would know that I was on the hunt for the best diving in Puerto Plata. First off, there are many dive sites but mostly they are all in one area. Puerto Plata is known for its surfing and rocky terrain, therefore it is not common to find calm bays to swim or dive in.

The answer – Sosua is where it is at!


Read on more here to learn about Sosua and where it is. Five minutes off the beaches here, you will find multiple dive sites and about 5 or so dive shops within town. The boats leave Sosua and can go out to sea for even 1 hour out and you will still find amazing coral reefs and caves.

The crazy part is – I almost didn’t go diving!

At the beginning of my trip with the hubby, we began to lose many items. We lost our car rental keys, a phone, and tobacco and we were supposed to drive to a dive shop. We could not figure out where they all went! We had been careful, and our bags were always on our laps or being held. I knew for certain we had put those items into one of our bags when we were out the night before.

Alas, we had to cancel with a dive shop we told we were going to dive with. With no car rental keys and phone, we could not leave until we found them. Also, the shop was 10 minutes away, so we would have no way of getting there unless we took a taxi and by that point, we were too anxious and worries to dive.

Finally, the items were found. My bag had a rip inside a pocket which led these items to fall inside a secret hole into the backpack. After searching all the compartments and flipping the backpack outside down, they wouldn’t fall out. But our hands dug in and happened to slip into this secret hole I had. WTF right…at least we had our things back.

With that craziness over, we were still able to fit in two dives before we left! We actually found that the resort we were staying with had a dive shop (which was impossible to find online) and they gave us a great deal for two dives – $80.

We took the little boat off the beach and hopped in. We dove two sites off the beach, but far enough that it would have been too far to paddle. We boated over to the local beach in Sosua and chilled next to other yachts. That was fun…

The reefs were clean, intact, and visibility was over 60 feet! We saw many coral forests it seemed like, and a few drops.

The fish seemed happy in their coral reef homes and the water remained calm. The diving was so easy since we did not need to go out far, therefore we were done within 3 hours! It was off to an early lunch and more beach fun after that.

The dive shop at the Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort is called Aqua Center. Through all my research and via the hotel’s website, I could not find their contact information until I walked down to the shop. Here is their website they have built in the mean-time if you need an easier way of reaching them before you arrive in Sosua.

Have you gone diving on Sosua? Share with us your story!

Stay tuned for more diving photos and a close up of the two dive sites.