5 Tips on Enhancing Your Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

There is never a bad time to plan a trip to the famous city and desert oasis of Phoenix, Arizona. No matter what time of the year you are visiting Phoenix, or planning to, you are bound to have a great time. With that in mind, there are some ways you can enhance your trip to make it the best it can be. Here are five tips on enhancing your trip to Phoenix.

Image via Flickr by Sean Horan

1. Upgrade Your Hotel Room

Finding a deal on a hotel room in Phoenix is not hard. There are many affordable hotels in Phoenix under $100 per night throughout the year. If your aim is to save money, consider splurging a little, even if it is on the last night. See what rooms are available beforehand, or split your stay between two neighborhoods. Consider more space, a balcony for a better view of Phoenix, and a better locale for faster access to major city attractions, such as Chase Field.

2. Hit Up the Pool

A visit to Phoenix would not be complete if you did not spend time at the pool of your hotel, if it has one. Even if you do not enjoy the water, you can order refreshing cocktails and relax. If you want to go on an excursion, there are several public pools within Phoenix to visit. Take a scenic drive and you might even spot other things you would like to see on the way. Talk to the locals when you get there. Go for a dip!

3. Inquire About Events

Don’t be shy, and ask about what is occurring in Phoenix during the time of your stay. Hotel staff members and locals are usually the most knowledgeable. You can always visit the tourism or visitor center for extra ideas. Events are located mainly downtown and in the Tempe area. Make a sightseeing day or night out of it. Visit a part of town you have not seen yet. Go see a show, an outdoor market, or a live performance.

4. Bring Your Camera

Some of the best photos are shot in Phoenix. Drive out to the desert to view the pink and red sunsets. The mix of Phoenix’s skyscrapers and the desert make for an outstanding photo shoot. Do not miss the cacti, which is easy to find around the city. Food photos are ones that will inspire your future dinners.

5. Make Your Tummy Happy

Whether you’re an adventurous or a picky eater, it is a foodie destination when you come to Phoenix. Order foods you enjoy, or try something new. The burgers are sizzling, and the Mexican food is better than you have ever had. Design your own food tour or go bar hopping to try out an appetizer at each spot. Mezcal cocktails and cacti quesadillas are highly recommended.

With these five tips, your trip to Phoenix will be the best, and you will most likely want to return for more.