Using Groupon Coupons for Travel Deals

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This is a sponsored post, courtesy of Groupon Coupons. All opinions are my own as always.

Many of you have heard of Groupon by now. If you have not, then visit to find out more. Essentially, Groupon is an e-commerce website which posts many deals for purchase. These deals are “sales” from retailers which are re-sold on Groupon’s website to be used at a later date. The sales range from all sorts of goods, from merchandise, to spa services, to shopping, to restaurant deals, and of course my favorite – vacations, travel, and excursions abroad!

Many of my fellow travelers have purchases vacation packages and excursions from Groupon. I even have and saved hundreds of dollars. When you first see the deal, it will let you know all the details you need to know (read the fine print) and what the vacation is marked down from.

Time to Find a Travel Deal on

The new thing Groupon is doing now is called Groupon Coupons which you can view thousands of here.

Groupon Coupons can be used immediately. You can print the coupon from your computer or use it from your smartphone to apply to your purchase. Some coupons include promo-codes while others give you an extra percentage off your purchase.

The travel deals featured now on Groupon Coupons include Travelocity, STA Travel, United Airlines, Allianz Travel Insurance, TravelZoo, and many more.

Travelocity at the moment has 24 coupons total (how amazing), and I am about to click through them right now to see what I can get! Maybe a hotel in Vegas for this coming weekend or a car rental for cheap. There is a coupon for 11% off select hotels at the moment and car rentals at $15 a day. Time to click and see!

Besides travel services, the Groupon Coupons offer many ways to save money in general. If you are looking for a way to cut down on other purchases, and save more on travel, then the Groupon Coupons is a great thing to try out.