Dinner, Drinks, and Dancing on the Tango Cruise with Aqua Mania Adventures

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The Tango Cruise in St. Maarten, hosted by Aqua Mania Adventures, was one of the best excursions (and nights) on the island of St. Maarten.

Running only on Wednesdays and Fridays, it comes in high demand! The Tango Cruise  is a great cruise to book for the later afternoon into the night. If you are looking to do more than “a booze cruise” and get more than 90 minutes out on a boat, book the Tango.


The Tango Cruise will take up about 4 hours total of your evening. You need to get to the dock to check in at 5pm, and the boat leaves at 530pm. Then, you are out sailing on the catamaran-style boat until it returns to the dock in Simpson Bay at 845pm. That is more than 3 hours of fun and being out on the sea!


During my initial search for a cruise, I found so many in the St. Maarten area were short and only had “free rum and wine” included. Not the Tango Cruise.

For $75 per person, you not only get the 3 hours, but you get the 3 D’s – dinner, drinks, and dancing. To break it down – your ticket includes appetizers,  a buffet style dinner, free rum and free liquor and free beer, and dancing afterwards where the strobe lights do come out! Wednesdays are BBQ styled buffet dinners, and Fridays are Caribbean styled.

The Experience

I chose to go on the Tango Cruise on a Friday, as it was a few days into my trip and I knew I wouldn’t be too tired from scuba diving. Checking in was super easy and there was a friendly crowd waiting.

Getting on the boat was easy, but you do need to leave your shoes on shore. Do not bring heels or nice shoes as you cannot wear them and you don’t want them getting lost!

The entire boat ride was calm as it is a catamaran style boat and you sail with the wind. It was never rocky and guests can enjoy the front and the back of the boat. The introduction was done very nicely by the captain and drinks began to pour! The appetizers were coming around by the staff before you knew it and they would even take your drink orders. That was really nice and not expected, but it made it so relaxing without needing to go back and forth to the bar.

Everyone was having a good time and it was easy to approach others. I must have spoken to about half the boat! This is a great way to meet others on the island and also find out what else you may want to do during your stay.


The buffet was delicious and had many choices – salad, potato salad, fish, chicken, vegetables, dessert etc. There was something for everyone to eat and I went back for seconds!

Dancing did happen – us ladies and gents broke it down on the dance floor well! The music was going for about an hour or more, and we did not stop until we docked.

The Views

Throughout the entire cruise, the views were stunning. The cruise starts out in Simpson Bay and takes you west where you cross the Maho Beach area, Mullet Bay, and Cupecoy Bay.


It is the perfect position to watch the sunset as you face west where the sun sets into the ocean. We thought we would see “the green light” but some clouds rolled in. Even so, you need to take photos! Seeing St. Maarten from the ocean gives you a whole other view. You might not know how hilly the island can get, and what cliffs you may find at the beach, so keep your eyes open.

Overall, the Tango Cruise was a blast and at the end, I didn’t want to go home! I spent a lot of energy dancing so I didn’t end up staying out late but I would have rather been on the boat.

Quick Information:

GPS Location: Simpson, Bay, St. Maarten

Agency Agency:  Aqua Mania Adventures

Price Price: $75 per person

Website Website: www.stmaarten-activities.com

Have you gone to Tango?

*Major thanks to Aqua Mania Adventures for providing me with a discount to join in on the Tango Cruise. As always, all opinions are my own! If you do look for a sunset cruise, this one by far surpasses all other options you will find in St. Maarten.