5 Coastal Trips to Take with a Eurail Pass

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Summer is here, and many vacationers are flocking to Europe. Now is prime time to experience the warm and inviting temperatures in Europe. One of the best ways to do so is by purchasing a Eurail Pass, which can take you from the clear blue seas in the south to the north where cities never sleep. Here are five Eurail Pass itineraries to consider when travelling around Europe by train.


Photo via Flickr by Red Rose Exile

Down to the Greek Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is at its busiest when locals and visitors alike celebrate the summer months. Choose a One-Country Eurail Pass to island hop to Santorini and the surrounding Greek Islands. Tag on two international trips to Italy for extra adventure, both of which are included with your pass. Ride the rail to sightsee across Greece’s mainland. Take a stroll through the ruins at Athens, view the mountains of gods in Olympus, and visit the second-largest city of Thessaloniki.

Exploring the Italian Coast

Whether you’re visiting Italy solo, as a couple, or with friends, the Eurail Pass for Italy will help you city hop to all the best destinations in Italy and more. Take a boat ride down the canals in Venice. Climb the stairs at the Colosseum in Rome. Soak your feet into the beaches of Naples. Try the different pastas and wines along the way. Traveling further down Italy’s coast has never been easier.

Touring up to the Baltic Sea

Visit more than five countries in the Baltic Sea region with the Eurail Global Pass. Begin on the west side in Kiel, Germany, for sailing and bratwurst. Find yourself in Gdansk, Poland, eating homemade pierogies. Hop on a heavily discounted ferry crossing into Sweden or Denmark, and join in the late night Midsummer Festivals. Explore castles, walk the isles, and continue your journey into Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia for 50 percent off the ferry ride with your Eurail pass.

Ice Fishing and Northern Lights in Scandinavia

If the sunny summer days are too long for you, return to Scandinavia later in the year for a second visit. Visit Norway, Sweden, and Finland with a Eurail Three-Country Select Pass. Go ice fishing and whale watching in Sweden. Book a snowshoeing or dog sledding trip in Norway before you experience Viking culture in Norway. Catch the Northern Lights as many times as you like. Fall asleep to them in select cabin resorts with skylights for viewing.

Beach Town Hopping from Spain Onward

The coast of Spain is another stellar itinerary for a European adventure. Stroll through Barcelona to discover its parks, history, and waterfront. Hop over to experience nightlife on the island of Ibiza. Hike the cliffs in Costa Brava, and visit the old towns in Valencia. Don’t miss the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and if you enjoy extreme events, join the Running of the Bulls in San Fermín. In your spare time, plan a side trip to Portugal or Italy, as both are easily accessible.

No matter which Eurail Pass you choose, visiting Europe has never been easier or this much fun.

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