A Day at Sandy Ground, Anguilla and Elvis Beach Bar

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It is no surprise that you can visit Anguilla for a day and have a blast. As I stated in my prior post, Sandy Ground was the first beach I chose to visit. I was very happy with my choice and the beach lived up to its expectation of boats, bars, and people.

GPS Location: Anguilla

Here is what you can do and explore in Sandy Ground:

  1. The Beach

A large cove shape beach is what you will find at Sandy Ground. The sand is soft and the beach is clean. You can walk from one end to the other, and it is up to you to decide where you want to start. Both ends of the beach are great but watch out for the western side, as there are homes that have been left undeveloped and can be a sneaky spot for others to hide and then start trouble. At least, this is what I was told by owners at the bars if you go out there alone.

2. The Bars

Sandy Ground has the most bars out of any beach in Anguilla.

The five main bars include Elvis Beach Bar, The Pumphouse, Sandbar, Barrel Stay, and Roy’s Bayside Bar & Grill. These are listed from eastern end to western in order. Other small bar or snack stands are also on the way.

The recommended way to visit Sandy Ground is to get dropped off at either Elvis Beach Bar or Roy’s, then work your way to the other end. Even though most bars get busier in the late afternoon or evening, lunch time is a specialty.

Roy’s offers $10 lunch specials Monday-Saturday and $15 entrée specials on Fridays. Elvis Beach Bar offers many food items on their menu for $12 and under. I really enjoyed Elvis’s in the day and stayed there longer than I planned. Everyone was friendly, the bar was huge, there was a space for live music, and overall the atmosphere was great. I had so much fun – highly recommend Elvis’s if you want to party and meet others!

3. Happy Hour

Almost every bar in Sandy Ground has a Happy Hour deal from 4pm to 7pm daily or 5pm to 7pm. On Fridays, the Happy Hour may be extended for an extra hour. Specials usually include 2 for 1 deals or reduced prices on beer and mixed drinks.

This is when bars get busiest but remember, Thursday nights are prime for going out late night. Live bands may play in the day, but check to see what events are planned for 9pm and onward.

4. Go Snorkeling

For any island, I recommend you bring your own mask and snorkel. For Sandy Ground, it is a must as you will not find rentals on the beach. Go to the east end by the rocks, and go for a dip. The coast remains shallow but if you swim out a little bit, you will find yourself in maybe 15 feet deep with coral reefs below you. Schools of fish like to stay near the rock area. Watch out for sea urchins! You cannot step on them or you will need to go to the hospital. Stay deep enough where you cannot stand.

5. Join a Boat Party

Many boats are docked in Sandy Ground and the area has become famous for its boat parties. This is not daily, but if you happen to catch a large crowd or Carnival season (July-August), you will see many parties on the boats.

Chat with the locals, chat with the boaties, and if you can’t get on, then hang out by them near the water. The boats are small and docked close to shore therefore it is no surprise that people will be in the water. If you can get on – great for you!

What do you enjoy doing in Sandy Ground?